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Peach MelbaIs this true classical cooking? While I cooked my first paté (and the second smooth one) and served it with Toast Melba, my Mum reminded me that Toast Melba, just like Peach Melba is named for Dame Nellie Melba, the hugely successful Australian Soprano. The paté (and the Toast Melba) turned out very well. So, I resolved to prepare the Peach Melba for Mum (and the rest of us) and show it to you all. It’s a really simple dish to prepare. You can do this while listening to Puccini’s La bohèmeIt is one opera that can, and often does, bring me to tears.

PeachesThis one may get me in trouble. Before you go off the deep end and start to palpitate, I am not making a general case for food miles in what we eat. Though, I recently heard a very cogent argument for food to be produced where it is cheapest to do so. The actual costs involved in planting, growing, picking, cleaning, trimming, sorting, cooling, shipping or flying and driving a tray of green beans from Peru or Nigeria to your local supermarket are, apparently, negligible.

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