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Cha Shao Beef cooked 2

A while back, I posted about my photos being stolen by some bad at heart stinkwads. I thought that the bit of naming and shaming might put an end to this degenerate practice. Boy, oh boy was I naive. The ones with the bad breath and no budget for photos or soap have been at it again. Wait ’til you see the list of vermin who have been stealing my photos. I will concentrate on just two of my images so you can get a feel for the extent of the duplicity and wrongdoing going on in the world.

Perhaps the only to prevent my images being stolen and used illegally.

Perhaps the only way to prevent my images being stolen and used illegally.

Imagine you are an art lover. Imagine how you would feel if some gang of low-lifers climbed in your bedroom window during the night and made off with some of your most prized artworks. The thieves head off to their houses and hang your work on their walls. They claim it for their own and ask their friends around to admire it. Pretty low behaviour in my estimation. In fact, it’s the pits.

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