Lamb for Easter – Now I’m Off!

If one is a regular blogger, it behoves one to have a schedule and to stick with it. Mine is weekly, Tuesday 10:00AM Irish time (actually British time but Brexit, if it ever happens, may put paid to that). I have had enough and need a bit of a break to recharge the batteries and get my act together. So, instead of posting something new and exciting, I encourage you to look back through the 49 lamb recipes I have here on the blog. I will highlight my top 5 for Easter and then I’m off to the west of Ireland to ride my bicycle, drink pints and talk nonsense. Enjoy your Easter, you have a few days to prepare for it.

Conor’s Top 5 For Easter

Number 5 – Herbed Rack of Lamb

Glorious Herbed Rack of Lamb.

This has some sage advice on the mathematics of a lamb rack. The recipe is a delight and worthy of your attention.

Click here for Herbed Rack of Lamb

Number 4 – Butterflied Leg of Lamb with Garlic and Rosemary

The gratuitous meat shot. As if you had not seen enough of it by now.

A classic mix of ingredients make this barbecue worthy and great for Easter.  It is a delicious dish and if the weather allows barbecue, it’s well worth giving a whirl.

Click here for Butterflied Leg of Lamb with Garlic and Rosemary

Number 3 – Spring Lamb Chump with Cumin

That’s how I like my lamb chump. Delicious medium rare.

Chump of lamb is one of those cuts that any good butcher will recognise. I believe that there is an inverse ration between the level of fancy dress (straw boater, stripy apron, check trousers) and knowledge of the guy or gal behind the counter. Talk to the one with the knowledge and try this lovely lamb chump recipe.

Click here for Spring Lamb Chump with Cumin

Number 2 – Leg of Spring Lamb Sous Vide

Sous Vide Recipes

This one is a cracker and if you are in any doubt of the outstanding results that sous vide can deliver, then this will put your doubts to bed.

Click here for Leg of Spring Lamb Sous Vide

Number 1 – Lamb and Butterbean Chilli

I surprised myself as I went through my lamb recipes. This one was a real delight. There are lots of ingredients that go to build layers and layers of flavour. If you are a bit non traditional and want to try something different with lamb, give this lovely chilli a go.

Click here for Lamb and Butterbean Chilli

Happy Easter to you, whether you celebrate it or not, just be happy for goodness sake. You can find all my lamb recipes on this link here.

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  • Those all look perfectly splendid, helped along by your lovely photography. Thanks, as ever, for sharing them. Have a good break (not literally, if you’re pedalling down some of those hills in the west) and enjoy your beer and chin-wagging. Lx

  • I think I’ll stick with garlic and rosemary . . . too broke to afford a herbed rack 🙂 ! Have an absolutely fabulous time in the west country . . . . especially enjoy the pints and the nonsense . . . Happy Easter, Conor !

  • Enjoy your holiday: the bike, the scenery, the beer, the food, the craic. Easter in Chiconia will be featuring a couple of free range chookes, some ham off the bone and some fresh local prawns, but I’m bookmarking that link for all the lamb recipes.

  • Conor, thanks for posting this as I have two small butterflied leg of (local) lamb that I will be cooking via the sous vide method. Your Spring Leg of Lamb sous vide is just the recipe I’ve been looking for. It’s my first go at doing Leg of lamb via sous vide so I wanted a recipe I could trust. Enjoy your brief holiday and safe riding.

  • Enjoy the break. I know that after having two kids, I’ve needed to step back from my blog a bit more than I’d like, but it’s always good to recharge. The lamb recipes looks great! Nothing wrong with anthology posts.

  • Happy Easter! I think I may do lamb myself 🙂

  • Aaaah Conor, you are making my mouth water with those delicious lamb recipies. We are really looking forward to feasting on our local Burren lamb when we get back to Ireland in a fortnight’s time. Sadly I can’t get a proper rack of lamb from our local butcher here in Spain as they kill the lamb so young that the chops are tiny. Our local Supersol had Irish lamb chump for a few years & it sold like hot cakes but the manager tells me that it is no longer practical for them to purchase it as the quantities they would have to buy are too great. As an aside we were in Galicia for a week recently (2325 Km round trip by car) & bumped into Neven Maguire in the Parador in Baiona where he was filming for his TV cookery programme on RTE. The steak which we buy from our local butcher comes from Galicia. I don’t know what breed of cattle they rear there but it is absolutely superb. The thing which I will remember most from the trip is a local delicacy called Zamburinas, a small variety of scallop in a delicious sauce. Yumm. Enjoy your trip to the West & try not to fall off the bike after those pints!

  • Ride safely and have a pint for me (after you’re done riding for the day, I mean.) 😉

  • Happy Easter Conor. After 49 lamb recipes and all the others that you have shared with us, you definitely need a brake from blogging. I hope you have a safe but fun bike trip…enjoy the ride, the pints and the talk. Sometimes we need a little nonsense. 🙂

  • You’ve been turning out blog posts at a prodigious rate, Conor! You deserve a break. Enjoy! In the meanwhile, we have a truly impressive collection of your recipes to enjoy.

  • Just what I needed, more ideas to add to my indecision about what to do with the Easter leg of lamb. Hope the Easter break was a blast 😃

  • I’ll have the lamb and butterbean chilli, thank you very much. Actually, we’re doing a Meera Sodha leg of lamb this weekend. Happy riding, drinking and, of course, talking nonsense!

  • I couldn’t wait to get back to Ireland to have some Easter lamb so yesterday morning I headed off to my local carniceria with my daughter who was visiting us from Germany with her family. She stood in awe while the butcher displayed his artistry with a knife while boning three legs of baby lamb (which barely fed six of us). He didn’t have to cut right through the meat to remove the bone!. As the lamb is milk fed & killed so young I decided that it needed something to improve the flavour. Conor’s recipe for butterflied leg of lamb with balsamic vinegar provided the inspiration, helped by a dash of my favourite Ribera del Duero, plus wild fresh rosemary, garlic, pepper & salt. The result was superb, earning plaudits from not only the uber critical RRC but the daughter, son in law & grandchildren as well. Thanks for the inspiration Conor. I believe you picked the right place to be this weekend as I see that the temperatures in the west of Ireland were higher than here in the south of Spain. Hope you only fell off the wagon & not off the bike! Shades of the Christy Moore song based on the Guinness ad involving surfboards. Its many a long year since I could handle fourteen pints of stout!

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