Can I do Justice to a Sous Vide Book Review?

Let’s get things straight, I don’t do book reviews. I don’t do restaurant reviews either (see footnote). If I am to criticise the work of others, I would first need to be better than them. If I were, it would demean me to denigrate them. If they are better at stuff or life than I am, I have no place criticising. It’s a tough position to hold. That’s why doing a review of Mastering the Art of Sous Vide by Justice Stewart is such a difficult task for me. Let me give you a bit of background on the man.

I first got to know Justice seven years ago. I was a food blog novice. Justice was likewise. However, I had advantages. I was running a marketing company inDublin, Ireland, with access to a heap of web development advice, photography hints and tips and the benefit of my own background as a commercial writer. Starting out was not such a big deal for me. Looking around the blogosphere, I came across many great bloggers and a number who really inspired me. Justice is amongst that number.

Justice Stewart

The man himself – Chef Justice.

Back then, Justice was earning a living pouring concrete in his home town, the Big Apple. With a wry sense of humour, Justice calls his blog “Gourmet Deconstructed”. He used his passion for food to destress from the hard physical work that paid the bills and supported his family. But, Justice is a guy with a burning passion for food (not a passion for burning food). Over the years, Justice followed his dream, eventually giving up construction to become a full time chef. He did a stint as Sous Chef at Madison Square Gardens, has often been featured in print, regularly appeared on TV and on radio, runs his own private catering company and has just published his first cookbook.

He has been a big influence on me, probably without knowing it. His passion for self improvement and for cooking combined with an enquiring mind and a real can-do attitude are inspirational. So, when he asked me to write an impartial, balanced review of Mastering the Art of Sous Vide, I find that I can’t. The review is below. The impartiality isn’t. You gotta’ love this guy.

The book is packed chock-full of great recipes. It is really easy to navigate with clear sections. The photography and book design are beautiful, making one want to dive right in. It is very well written. I will be delving into it again and again over the coming months. It now holds a special place amongst my cookbooks. Justice brings together some wonderful, unusual and creative ingredients to produce unique and exciting dishes. Anybody, at any stage of their sous vide cooking journey should own this. In short, just buy the book. Do it now. It would probably be considered crass and overtly commercial to include a link to the book on Amazon. So, I’ll include it here.

Congratulations Justice. I’m delighted for you.

Footnote: I did write one restaurant review a couple of years ago. I described the dire food in detail. I even cooked it as it should have been cooked. Hopefully the chef involved read my post and learned from it. I didn’t name the restaurant but did pass my review to them privately. It appears to have been a waste of time. However, I suspect a public review would just have added to the general gloom. That’s not my role.

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  • Thank you for the recommendation! I have a sous vide machine (one of the lesser-known and cheaper ones) and I’m enjoying the use I’ve put to it so far, but having a book that can take my minimal use now to something better… I’m game.

  • To continue the crass commercialism the book will be available through Amazon uk on 1st Jan and you can preorder now. The photo of “the man himself” sells me in a single glance, it just oozes character and interest!

  • Sounds like a good book and top chef!
    As you know, I do review restaurants, but I only do the ones I genuinely like.

  • My friend Conor I really appreciate all the support over the years. I’m sure you will visit NYC again for that drink we missed out on the first time. Cheers!

  • Yes, Conor, you can do justice to making each and every one of us interested in a book. Thank you. I happened across the guy many moons ago while a total novice myself being a cuckoo without a blog in the comment-world. Lost contact. Am thrilled at ‘catching up’. It looks like a very worthwhile tome to have in one’s hand . . . perhaps Justice can enthuse me to dip my toe in his and yours and Stefan’s direction at long last!

  • It looks lovely but just not the sort of food we eat! I’d love to find a sous vide recipe book that cooks “european” food lol. We dont always get the same cuts of meat….many ingredients aren’t available……at least not where I live in Brittany.

  • Conor, as I have a sous vide circulator coming from Santa this book is a must read for me. Hopefully, we’ll see Mastering the Art of Sous Vide over this way as well. Thanks for letting us know it’s out there next year.

  • The book book is chock full of recipes from many countries. It is a trip around the world via the sous vide method.

  • You’re a good man, Conor. It’s hard for me to keep my opinions to myself when I’ve had a terrible restaurant experience. You know I love sous vide. I have a Supreme brand, not an Anova. I imagine the cooking times and temps are the same, but I’ve seen books only for the Anova method. Some sous vide books go a little crazy, also. I want basic information. For example, I ordered a London broil for Christmas. I think it would be best if sous vide’d. Would this cookbook be a source for this cut of meat? I can’t keep asking Stefan every time I have a different cut of meat! And I’m sure it’s called something else overseas in any case… I would love to buy this cookbook if it would help me with meats and seafood, but not with cooking chocolate truffles…

  • Sorry to bother you again, but do you think this cookbook would serve my purposes? Basic recipes for various kinds of meat, poultry, fish, seafood… Nothing that would be weird. Although I think I really am getting a chamber vacuum sealer for Christmas. There is a huge box “hiding” under a quilt in plain sight. My husband is so clever!

      • Oh fantastic, then I’m buying it! I’ve never had any problems, it’s just finding out the times and temperatures, and there’s a of misinformation that I can tell, which is why I rely on Stefan. His blog was why I asked for a Sous Vide in the first place. And a cut of meat is called something completely different in the US vs. Ireland or Holland, so that doesn’t help! Thank you, and have a very merry Christmas!!! (Sorry, couldn’t’ resist…)

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