Cycling Season in Ireland = Flapjack Season in the Kitchen

A while back, I was involved in a commercial video shoot for one of Ireland’s leading food distributors. We spent three days shooting a variety of recipes for use on social media and on the client’s website. The format for these videos is well tried and tested. While we had the lights, cameras, induction hob and all the paraphernalia set up, we shot this flapjack recipe.

As flapjacks are such great cycling food, I thought I had better get this out there before the weather turns and the bikes go back in the shed.

I put the video footage together and added the music and text in iMovie. All good fun, if not terribly professional looking. Go on, waste a minute of your life….

There is a slightly different but just as tasty recipe here too.

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  • I’m glad to see that despite going all techy on us you have not neglected to include the gratuitous pouring shot. I reckon that soundtrack ought to see you up the nearest mountain in one burst, particularly if fuelled by the endurance food of choice…

  • Cracking up here at the snowman and penguin on the spatula! Great recipe and one I’m sure will be perfect for running fuel also. More of these videos on the way?

  • Highway to hell, eh? Perhaps a nice hot curry will provide some jet assisted progress 😉

  • That was worth “wasting” a second minute and watching it again. Definitely going to try these before my next half marathon. 🙂

    Next video needs to include you talking to us.

  • They call it runner’s “trots” — would it also be cyclist’s “pedals?” Um. Asking for a friend. 😉

  • Wow. Impressive video. So, flapjacks to you are like granola bars to me? They definitely are good endurance food.

  • That is decidedly NOT what we call a flapjack in this part of the world. I wondered why flapjacks would be good cycling food…

  • I also had to take a second look, as flapjacks to me are pancakes. It’s always so much fun to learn how different food can have similar names in different parts off the world.

  • That’s funny… I thought the recipe was about pancakes since “flapjacks” in the U.S. are basically pancakes. I had to google that they could also be granola bars. ha! Cool video!

  • Well, I admire people making videos, I am not sure I would have the patience. That said, I love what you’ve done! Plus I want to eat flapjacks now, which is a pretty good message delivery! 😉

      • My colleague is quite the gal, she is going to show me a few tips 😉 But yes, you’re right!

  • Love the pouring shots!

  • Hi Conor! Congratulations on your video. Great job!

  • That’s some hard driving music – it caught me by surprise! I don’t know why I expected something more along the lines of classical! Those bars look like they’ll get you where you’re going!

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