Three Chilli Chicken – For Thick People

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f yu cn red ths yu ar prbbly a hily ntlegnt an goo lookn prson. N fct, yu ar undutbly to intlgnt fo ths rcpie. F yu cnt ndrstnd ths, thn ths s te rcpie fr yu. It a pty yu ar s tick s a brck. Bt, te rcpie wil mak yu lok smartr an wil dligt yur frnds an fmly.

Yu ma b capbl f reding ths drvl bt I am not capable of writing any more of it. So, in deference to you all, intelligent, good looking and even the ugly thickos amongst you, here’s my recipe for Three Chilli Chicken. You will all be brighter, smarter and even better looking if you take the time to prepare it.
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  • 12 chicken thighs, skin on, bone in from quality free range birds.
  • 2 dried Mulato chillis
  • 2 dried Ancho chillis
  • 1 dried New Mexico chilli
  • 3 cloves of garlic (or one single bulb garlic)
  • 5cm (2″) ginger root
  • 2 teaspoons of mixed peppercorns
  • 1 tablespoon of honey
  • 2 limes


Remove the stalks and shake out the pips from the dried chillis. Put the chillis in a bowl and add about 300ml of boiling water.

Three chili chicken (2 of 9)

There is lots of flavour though not much heat in this mix.

Leave to stand for about an hour. Peel the ginger and garlic and chop roughly. Put the chillis, soaking water, ginger, garlic, honey and peppercorns in a blender.

Three chili chicken (3 of 9)

It doesn’t look like much here.

Blitz the lot until you have a smooth paste.

Three chili chicken (4 of 9)

The resulting paste is so good it will make you seem intelligent, good looking and even wealthy.

Place the chicken in a ziplock bag and add the mixture. Zip it up and leave it for 4 hours or overnight, if you have the time.

Three chilli chicken

The sauce is a lot thicker than you are.

Remove the chicken from the bag and barbecue (or grill) over (or under) a low to medium heat, basting with the remaining bag juices.

Three chili chicken (7 of 9)

I was intelligent enough to barbecue them. It adds a nice element of smokiness.

Just before serving, squeeze the juice of the limes over the chicken. Decorate with some lime zest and serve with something appropriate. I thought a nice pearl couscous packed with herbs and chopped vegetables and mild peppers fitted the bill.

Three chili chicken (9 of 9)

If you are half as good looking as this chicken, you are doing well.

So, there you have it, a delightful chicken recipe that imprvs yor undrstnding f som f te mre tsty isues tht e fac n or daly lves. t mgt evn mak yu les thik, f yu wre thik t begn wit. Njoy.

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  • Lks vry apptsng.

  • Lghng y sks ff hr. I fl clvrr alrdy. Lvly rcpe. This is doing my head in. 🙂

  • Here in India, what we get as Chilli Chicken is a fiery chicken recipe that falls under the distorted- ‘Indo-Chinese’ cuisine. So I did a double-take after going through this method of Chilli Chicken 🙂 This is unusual and looks so delicious.

  • They look fantastic!

  • I rlly mst fnd sum v ths drd chlls (sorry, not clever or good looking enough yet to carry on like that), but our local grocers and supermarkets just don’t stock anything quite that upmarket. I’m all in favour of flavour as opposed to mere heat and I’m not interested in the “are you man enough to eat a whole raw Scotch Bonnet” one-upmanship in a jar that calls itself chilli paste here…

      • There’s a bit of a macho ‘how much heat can you handle’ culture here, super-hot sauces and marinades. I’d rather have mild and tasty…

    • “Herbie’s” in Sydney mail order Kate. They have a comprehensive range of herbs spices and dried chillis. They’re a great homegrown company ( this is a free plug, I’m just a big fan of their business)

      • Thanks! I’ll take a look. I do wish I had something local; we’re in capsicum growing country after all, and it ought to be possible, but it’s all broadacre for the supermarkets, no niche products at all.

  • I am intelligent and good looking! I passed the test! Thank you Dr Conor! D Wonderful recipe! 😉

  • I thought maybe your keyboard was broken, lol, I could read it handily. I looked up the Mulato chile, a cousin of the Poblano. I’m sure I can find some at our local Hispanic store, the undertones of it sound delicious!

      • Yes, looking forward to the season! I really must get my hands on those chiles, and will certainly give you my input.

  • Looks delicious Conor!

  • Dried chilli are not really an Aussie “thing” yet, although I’m sure we’ll get there. Flavour without heat sounds like my kind of thing

  • Me like goodly

  • A ‘Richard’ recipe! Delightful to come in at the tail end of comments and get twice the laughs and twice the information! For the Australian contingent: yes, we all love Herbies but it only keeps about three of the ‘Irish-nominated’ . . . however a number of the Asian on-=line grocers do better – I shall actually be able to make this and that I shall . . . the couscous sounds just right . . .

  • Having once live in Kentucky USA, I had no problem understanding. But, I must admit, you got me on the “thick people”. Is that refer to people such as I who appear thick when view from the side?

  • Richard would have loved this. It reminds me to make something with chiles again. It was a revelation to me how much flavor they have with hardly any heat (although that does not apply to all of them).

  • I really thought something was wrong with WordPress for a moment. This would be a great April Fool’s post…haha! Anyway, I have pinned the recipe for later consumption. I can practically taste those thighs with that wonderful chili sauce. Yum!

  • Well this post says I’m intelligent and good looking so I’m going to run with it. LOL. Now back to reality and how lovely this recipe is. I’m pinning as I know it would be a hit in this house.

  • Sincerely apologize to Sandra: my first chance in eons to return to Herbies anyone living in the Antipodes, no worries – OK, to begin with you may order ancho, chipotle, guajillo, Kashmiri, mulato, habanero and pasilla . . . all dried whole . . . and then there are dozens in powder form . . . bring on the recipes . . . don’t know about you – I am about to have fun!!!

  • Oh my gosh, you’re speaking my language, here. The chicken not the gibberish, lol!! This is lovely, Conor! I didn’t put away my grill this fall, with the move back from SD to my house in MN in October everything was too much & I just overlooked it, and now I’m thinking I might go out and shovel it out, this looks that good! I just don’t know if I can wait until spring.

    I love your pretty little knife on the side of the plate, too, btw. Looks like an antique?

      • I beg your pardon, Conor! You would, I’m sure, have preferred gobbledygook…now there’s a word I don’t often get to say!

          • Haha, you might need a new phone, Conor! Happy St. Paddy’s if I don’t run into you before…


  • As tasty as I know your dishes are, Conor, your photography puts them over the top. I never leave your “home” without being hungry and today’s post is cetainly no exception.

  • What a colorful dish, just like your personality. 😀 The chicken looks quite wonderful.

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