Beef Feather Blade Sous Vide – It’s My Secret Sauce.

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  • What a lovely Sunday surprise to see a post from you, Connor! And such a wonderful meal as this. The sauce looks delicious — I’ll have to see if they supply anybody across the pond.

    As it is brunch time here on the west coast of the US, I’m thinking how good those lovely discarded juices would be in a Bloody Mary. 🙂

  • This is beautiful. I will contact vendors of this sauce and see whether they might be willing to ship to Texas. Hope you’re well.

  • What a treat to get a Sunday post Conor! So I had to google feather blade. It the states it’s known as a flat iron steak. Nummy-looking sauce, I love the trickle shot out of the sandwich of it. Mmmm.

  • I Googled your peanut rayu and wow, is there a lot of online craic about that stuff. I can see why it was the perfect ‘secret’ to add to your steak sanga. Well, anything that includes chilli, honey, sesame, garlic, etc is going to adorn a nice piece of meat perfectly, isn’t it? Good find, sir.

  • ‘Anything Kate can do I can do also’ . . . . Superb! A chines-Japanese saice being one opf the 16 most importanty food products out of Ireland . . . . no c’mon, you already have better lA

  • . . . . your ‘ruddy’ software . . . . you already have better lamb . . . do you absolutely need to take all our Asian ‘show-off’ stuff also? No bad things thought about you, not even you talking about ‘sous-vide nerds’! But having pea-green facepaint is not nice . . . .yes, I can spell both “Chinese’ and ‘sauce’ . . . mmph!!!

  • Hi Conor, the beef looks amazing. Time and temperature spot on. The sauce still remains somewhat of a mystery, as you did not reveal neither ingredients (other than peanuts) or the flavor profile. If you’re preparing this for a crowd, you could ask James to leave it whole rather than cutting into steaks, but remove the tough inner bit. This will result in two large slabs (that used to have the tough bit sandwiched in between).

  • I’ve yet to enter into the sous vide arena, but none-the-less enjoyed the read. Must admit, I had to go to Google to discover what “beef feather blade” was. It’s the same part of Mr. Cow that we call “Ytterlår” here. It’s always a learning experience when reading your post.

  • Now I’m intrigued. 🙂

  • Ooooh. Anything peanutty is right up my street – and then there’s the fact that I’m geographically proximate and possibly capable of getting some. I will possibly be adding an additional side of smugness…

      • You too Conor. I’m a little lacking in peanuts, but everything else is dragging along adequately.

  • Hello
    It’s difficult to find non-US style meat cuts for sous vide-ing.
    Useful to have it confirmed that feather blade works with sous vide – last time I websearched sous vide featherblade must have been a couple of years ago,
    I’ve tried frying some when a butcher had not removed the sinew and that was a bit tough – to be fair I didn’t know that removing the sinew was something that I could/should have asked for.
    Went for dinner with someone who insisted on having their featherblade cooked rare – restaurant tried to talk them out of it and no surprise that it was too tough.
    Just looked at the white masau website – theirs and your food photies have added up to food pr0n overload.

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