Lazy Bastards’ Ginger Chicken.

“I can’t believe he said that!” But, I did. I said it and I intended to. I know you are a sensitive soul and are easily offended. But, I just had to say it. I said it so you would recognise yourself and say “Yes, perhaps I am a ‘lazy B’. That’s why I don’t cook any of Conor’s lovely recipes. I like to look at the nice pictures and imagine how the food must taste. That’s satisfaction enough for me.” If you do, then this is a dish for you. I’ve even named it for you “Lazy Bastards’ Ginger Chicken“. It is simplicity itself to prepare and is a total delight. Who knows, it might make a cook out of you too.

The ingredients list is as short as the time you should stay offended by the dish title (I might not really mean you).

Chicken and Beans Stir Fry (1 of 1)Ingredients (for two)

  • 4 boneless, skinless free range chicken thighs.
  • Half a tablespoon of corn flour (corn starch)
  • 2 tablespoons of light soy sauce
  • 1 tablespoon of rice wine (or your maiden aunt’s sherry)
  • 5cm (2 inches) of root ginger
  • A generous handful of green beans
  • You will need a little sunflower oil for frying too.

Slice the chicken, across the grain, into strips. Peel the ginger and slice into small pieces. Add the chicken, cornstarch and ginger to a bowl. Stir to incorporate.

Chicken and Beans Stir Fry

That wasn’t difficult, was it?

Leave this in the fridge while you go back to the couch for an hour long rest.

Get your lazy ass back in the kitchen and trim and half  the beans. Heat a wok. Add the little oil and when it’s smoking, add the chicken.

Chicken and Beans Stir Fry (6 of 12)

There’s not a lot of work in this. It won’t save you from laziness, I’m afraid.

If you don’t have the luxury of a commercial wok set up (If you do, you are a lucky B.)  add the chicken a few pieces at a time. Cook, stirring for a few minutes.  Add the rice wine. Tip the wok towards the flame and burn off the excess alcohol, being careful to not burn your face.

Chicken and Beans Stir Fry

Yee Haaa – That bit is fun. Don’t burn the house down.

Add the beans and stir for about a minute. Add the soy sauce and stir for a couple of minutes. The sauce will thicken and be ready to serve.

Chicken and Beans Stir Fry (8 of 12)

The soy won’t explode in your face.

Dish it up over some boiled rice. Sit down and enjoy a truly delicious, healthy dish. There is so little effort involved and it is just so tasty.

Chicken and Beans Stir Fry

Sorry if you took offence. The finished dish.

As you can see above, there is no real skill needed to prepare this dish. If you are truly a lazy B, I encourage you to try it. If you are an energetic, fit young thing, reading this while running on a treadmill, you might like it too. It’s just that ‘Healthy Ginger Chicken‘ doesn’t make much of a headline. Enjoy.

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  • I think I may be just lazy enough to qualify for this recipe….. Do you think I’d look all keen and over-eager if I added a couple more ingredients (like some mushrooms and red peppers)?

      • Ah rats! Never mind then, I’ll just add those extra ingredients and pretend it was my own idea….

  • Argh! Clickbait headline!

    I’m a truly lazy sone of a motherless goat, even reading this post was too much effort, now I’m too exausted to finish writi…

  • You think about everyone, legend! Looking great as always Conor!

  • Simple stir fries with steamed rice are a week night staple in our house. Looks delicious Conor but like Kate, I’ll add a few extra veggies so I’m sure to eat my designated 5 a day

  • Lazy Bastard’s Ginger Chicken, is my kind for food. Great to cook as shown. But, I’ll take my veggies in a steamer basket. Bowl of steamed rice, some Gai Lan and mushrooms on the side would make for a perfect easy and quick dinner.



  • I noticed that you made bastards plural. 😉 Actually beat you to it this time — we had almost the exact recipe last week (sherry and a little garlic was essentially the only difference). Glad I can be considered a lazy bastard!

  • Lazy is good, I might add some shiitake mushrooms and water chestnuts . Yummy!

  • To be true Lazy Bs we’d all need to come round to your house and let you cook it for us. I can hear the click of computer keyboards all over the world as folks check flights. 🙂

  • That looks delicious – no doubt you needed a lie down after eating it 😉

  • Oh dear, if one has spent six years in the company of some 200 guys in Medical School in one’s formative years at a time this was hardly a popular choice for the female gender, I am afraid one’s sensitivities as far as ‘language’ is concerned had long disappeared 🙂 ! But, Conor, you well know I had failed your test ere I got half-way down the page! Love the predominant ginger taste. Love cooking far, far too much to be ‘lazy’ . . . . 🙂 !

  • Another good one, although a true LB would purchase green beans that are already trimmed and chicken that has already been sliced. Or order take out 🙂
    Had to laugh at the non exploding soy sauce. Why would it even explode?

  • Would substituting chicken breast for thighs still qualify me for the Lazy B club? I’m pleased to see a flaming alcohol shot, although that effort just might tip the recipe into the non-Lazy-B category. 🙂

  • I do like your titles. We love these flavours so this will be a treat.

  • Being a lazy bastard myself, this looks right up my alley. 🙂

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