The Shortlist – Sous Vide Berbere Beef

 The V by Very Blog Awards Ireland ’17 have been underway for a while now. The format involves being nominated, agreeing to participate and then hopefully making it to the long list. After the long (very long)  list, the great and the good of the blogging world get culled and only the worthy (lucky) get to the Short List (See the links at the end of this post).  This year, I am delighted to say, One Man’s Meat has made it to this list in the Personal Food Blog category. To celebrate, I thought I would cook a meal using as short a list of ingredients as I could find. With this in mind, I give you a real winner, Berbere Beef.

A pretty simple ingredients shot. Simple but tasty!

My Short List celebration shortlist is 

  • Beef (fillet as this is a celebration)
  • Berbere spice*
*Berbere is an Ethiopian delight to which I was first introduced to by my youngest brother, Peter. He lives in Tanzania. Whenever he can lay his hands on some Berbere, I have my name on his export list. Imagine my surprise at finding a jar of this lovely spice mix in the local supermarket. 

The recipe is, like the list, pretty short. Sprinkle the beef with the spice. It has a nice warm kick so don’t overdo it.

This is the shortest food prep I’ve ever done.

Seal the beef in a zip lock bag using the water immersion method to get rid of most of the air. Pop it in the sous vide at 54.5ºC for an hour. Heat a cast iron pan to medium hot and add a little butter. Add the beef and brown it on both sides.

I barely had enough time to take the photo before turning it.

This will take about a minute as the beef browns quickly because it is already cooked.

No longer than 30 seconds a side. The beef will overcook and the spice will burn.

Serve the beef with your choice of vegetables. I served it with some new potato oven chips and slow cooked onions. The onions took longer to cook than the beef. The Berbere adds a delightful flavour to the beef and this is well worthy of the Short List celebration we had.

A short time to cook a short list celebration dish.

Have a look at the other blogs on the short list. There are links on each. The standard is very high. Food blogging is alive and well in Ireland.

The V by Very Blog Awards Ireland ’17
Short List – Food and Drink – Personal

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  • Congrats! I also love berbere, so nice celebratory choice!

  • CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Such a wonderful thing to be rewarded with a special recognition! Well-deserved, very well-deserved!

    I have Berbere in my pantry… can you imagine that? It is a great spice mix, actually – I love it on roasted carrots, but now intend to pair it with beef

    Congrats again, enjoy the feeling!

  • Congratulations Conor and thank you!

  • Congratulations Conor – so well deserved.

  • I just left work and I’m starving. After seeing that masterpiece I’m ready to eat my monitor! Masterfully done always.

  • Congratulations, Connor! Woo Hoo! Steak and chips. Woo Hoo Too! 😉

  • I haven’t seen this anywhere, so thank you for the close up of the jar: paprika, nutmeg and chilli seems a simple enough line-up of ingredients I already have to start experimenting with! That’s two spice mixes I need to replicate, the other one is Advieh, but for that I need dried Persian rosebuds, so some online shopping is needed first.
    Bravo on your well-deserved shortlisting. I hope the judging considers the literary content as well as the food; if so, I feel you should be a shoo-in 🙂

      • You can get them online so long as you don’t make the mistake of buying the dyed decorative ones people use instead of confetti. I’m just balking a bit at the price right now! Eha has pointed me at three companies that do berbere, so I just need to interrogate them about possible gluten contamination first…

  • Conor, I came into the world of ‘berbere’ thru’ my love of Moroccan and Tunisian cooking [Yes, I am a fanatic Paula Wolfert fan, amongst others 🙂 !]. Have to check how different Ethiopian berbere is – Ethiopian and Myanmar cooking being my latest ‘interests’ anyway. Can swear by the wonderful taste of your steak ere I make it . . . but don’t wait to receive ‘berbere’ from abroad – make your own [‘Epicurious’ has a good recipe] and I am certain all of Irish spice merchants would keep it on the ready . . . I can buy it from any number of Down Under ones if I am busy!! Huge congratulations on being on the list naturally!! TO KATE: Herbies, Sami’s, Gewurtzhaus etc all keep lovely versions!

  • Your onions look really good. Love onions and beef and have forgotten to pair them! Congratulations.

  • Oh my goodness, that does look good. Best of luck at the awards ceremony.Lx

      • But in touch via your cellphone, perhaps? Good luck with the hills and the contest. Lx

      • But in touch via your cellphone, perhaps? Good luck with the hills and the contest. Lx

  • *huge smile* Loveliest unearned compliment this sunny Sunday morning! I guess that is what a quarter century of travelling the world with an unlimited expense account will do! Besides having had two real, real, real foodie husbands!!!

  • Congratulations and thanks for inspiring we lesser cooks try different styles .

  • Wonderful Conor! So glad you made the list. Your short list beef looks mouthwatering!

  • Oh, neato, will add berbere to my next Herbie’s spice order. Well done CB and good on you giving a shoutout to your fellow shorties.

  • It goes without saying you made the short list (which is still not that short). The beef looks great. I’m now going to google what is in berbere and check out the intriguingly named Gastro Gays.

  • Congratulations Conor! Epic looking recipe as per usual 😀 Hopefully see you on the night!

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