Spanish Style Pork Burgers.

Spanish Style Pork Burger (10 of 10)Or, getting a bit of balance into the diet.

I came in for a lot of stick the other day. A chap, whom I don’t know, gave me a really hard time for promoting beef consumption. He had all his arguments at hand. We eat too much beef. Cows fart and they are responsible for a huge chunk of global warming. Cheap beef is facilitating the general populace in eating too much and getting fat. This leads to the medical system being overrun and innocents dying as a result. With his beef arguments in mind, I had better get a bit of balance in the diet. So, here’s a recipe for pork burgers.

The burgers are truly delicious and not difficult to make, if you allow a little preparation time. The ingredient’s list is shorter than the queue I have caused outside the emergency department in the hospital.

Spanish Style Pork Burger

Lots of healthy garlic goes into the burgers.


Ingredients for Spanish Style Pork Burgers

  • 1.2 kilos of pork shoulder.*
  • 1 bulb of quality garlic
  • 2 teaspoons of smoked, sweet paprika
  • 1 teaspoon of smoked sea salt
  • 1 teaspoon of ground black pepper

* Be sure to get free range pork with a decent bit of fat. Otherwise I take no responsibility for the quality of the end result.

The first thing to do is to get the oven up to 180ºC. Wrap a bulb of garlic in foil and place in the oven for 30 minutes.

Spanish Style Pork Burger

Great garlic makes for great burgers. Use great garlic.

Let it cool before removing the skin.

Spanish Style Pork Burger (4 of 10)

The garlic takes on a really sweet flavour. Perfect in the burgers.

Beat the garlic into a pulp with a fork. This is easy to do and you can sneak a taste of the sweet garlic before adding it to the mixture.

Spanish Style Pork Burger (5 of 10)

The garlic mashes very easily. It needs to be soft to mix well.

Grind the pork in a mincer. If you like, get your butcher to do this step.

Spanish Style Pork Burger (3 of 10)

Notice the decent amount of fat in the mixture. This is important for flavour.

Add all the ingredients to the pork and mix thoroughly.

Spanish Style Pork Burger

Mix well so there are no lumps of paprika. They can discommode diners!

Make the mixture into patties. Bear the comments in the top paragraph when sizing them. I made ten burgers.

Spanish Style Pork Burger (1 of 1)

In fact I made ten and a baby one. A sort of cook’s bonus at the barbecue…

Let the patties rest for a bit before cooking them on a barbecue or skillet.

Spanish Style Pork Burger (8 of 10)

The burgers do release a deal of fat as they cook. That is probably a good thing.

I served mine with griddle cooked sourdough bread and a big healthy salad.

Spanish Style Pork Burger (9 of 10)

I assembled the burger on the bread, using a good amount of salad and mayo to bind.

The salad is to provide a bit of additional balance in the diet. I hope that loon who attacked me doesn’t read this. He’ll have a go at me over the poor pigs next!

Footnote on the poor pigs: I have given up buying factory produced pork. The process is totally unfair on the animals as well as on the unfortunate people eating the poor quality excuse for real pork. I don’t want to be part of either. End of rant and end of post. 

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  • At the risk of offending every vegetarian out there, and not meant at all seriously, perhaps you could respond to anyone else dishing up those rather tired comments to the effect that it’s well known that a diet too high in vegetables and pulses results in methane production almost equivalent that that of cows…. Meanwhile, I’m off to raid the freezer for the last of our half-pig mince. And before you ask, I wasn’t personally acquainted with the pig, but I’ve been to his place of work, and I wouldn’t mind staying there myself!

  • I’m sure those are superior to even the best beef burgers! I remember seeing a documentary about the University of Wales feeding garlic to cows in a three year study where they showed a 50% reduction in methane production. Similarly Spanish scientists have been experimenting with onions to achieve the same result:
    …and I say blame humans (vegetarians included) for overpopulating and not cows for farting 😉

  • Hi Conor! These look fantastic! I love the addition of roasted garlic. We’ve got to try these, our meat grinder is feeling lonely…

  • So far, I’ve resisted getting a meat grinder, but I must say you are making a very strong case for it! 😉

    lovely burgers!

  • They need that animal rights group who are trying to get a photo copyright for a chimpanzee who took a self portrait with a photographer’s camera. i can’t say I agree with organisation, I think they want the money for the group and not the chimp, but cows need all the help they can get 😉

  • I love my meat grinder. Lovely burgers – great flavors!

  • The burgers sound great. We had lamb burgers last night made by the man who rears the sheep (and does his own butchery) and very fine they were too.

      • You’ll get no argument from me! Looking forward to your version. x

  • Love the addition of roasted garlic and yes, it’s ALL your fault… (snort, chuckle, guffaw…)

  • Love these! Having been brought up on meat patties with egg, breadcrumbs etc [well, way back 🙂 !] it is a delight to see them simple but different like this . . . garlic . . . . now who on earth would not . . . ?

  • I just bought a can of said beans and am planning beans on toast for lunch tomorrow.

  • Whoops! The above comment was supposed to be a reply to your luncheon description. Not sure why my computer is acting up — it isn’t keeping my info for me either.

    In any event, those burgers look fabulous. I would have probably roasted a few bulbs of garlic, as long as I’m turning on the oven and heating up the house. 😉 I’d be smearing the extra cloves on the grilled bread and adding a few sprinkles of the smoked salt. My mouth is watering just thinking of it!

  • I suspect your troll will blather on about any animal sacrifice. Chickens will be next, surely. p.s. love the roasted garlic in this!

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