Fillet Steak With Bone Marrow Butter – You Might Be Worth It.

Fillet steak with bone marrow butter (2 of 6)

Let’s face facts. Not everybody who looks in the mirror likes what they see. Some of us are just sub-standard, below average and generally crappy. That’s the way of the world. If the advertising slogan of l’Oreal was true of us all, it would fail in it’s prime objective, to make the user feel special. If we are all ‘worth it’ then what we are worth is not worth much. But, I didn’t start writing this to have a go at the haircare market. No, I want to show you some real luxury, some delightful, upmarket beef with some very special and rare bone marrow butter. Be honest with yourself. Look yourself square in the mirror. Put away the hair products and decide if you are really “Worth it.”

Fillet steak with bone marrow butter

Such simple ingredients – Such wonderful taste.

The Bone Marrow

  • The bone marrow butter is easy enough to make. You will need the following;
  • 250 grammes of bone marrow (ask your butcher).
  • 200 grammes of good quality butter (it’s worth it).
  • A large handful of chives.

Heat the oven to about 120ºC place the bone marrow in a dish and pop it in the oven until it melts.

Fillet steak with bone marrow butter

The least attractive shot in the story – Melted bone marrow.

Chop the chives.

Fillet steak with bone marrow butter (2 of 7)

No, this is not too many chives. There is no such thing as too many chives.

Soften the butter in a warm place (not so warm as it separates). Add the butter and chives to a large bowl and pour in the bone marrow, reserving the gritty and undesirable bits.

Fillet steak with bone marrow butter

This is the hardest part, mixing the ingredients takes a bit of elbow grease.

Mix this well together. Let it set somewhat. Pour it out onto cling film.

Fillet steak with bone marrow butter (6 of 7)

This looks less than desirable. It will firm up nicely.

Make a sausage shape and pop it in the fridge to set.

Fillet steak with bone marrow butter

The sausage of bone marrow butter can be stored for weeks in the freezer.


The ‘Because You Are Worth It’ Steak


Fillet steak with bone marrow butter.

Note that I already ate half the bone marrow butter.

The steak is simplicity itself. You will need the following;

  • Top quality fillet steak. In this instance, I was lucky to use fillets from a Belted Galloway, a rare breed, slow growing beast.
  • Some dried porcini mushrooms.
  • Salt and pepper.
  • A very little oil.

Blitz the porcini until they form a dust. Season the steaks. Sprinkle them with the magic porcini dust. Lightly oil a cast iron frying pan. Heat it to pretty hot. Add the steaks and do not touch them for four minutes.

Fillet steak with bone marrow butter

Just look at that crust! It is delightful.

Then turn them and admire the delightful porcini crust. Cook them to the desired level. By that, I mean rare or medium rare. Don’t even think of going medium or well. It’s not worth it.

Plate up the steaks on hot plates. Slice rounds of bone marrow butter and sit atop each of the steaks. Now wait for about another 4 minutes to let the meat rest and the butter melt a bit. The wait is worth it.

Fillet steak with bone marrow butter (5 of 6)

No, that’s not a very small steak. It’s a big lump of butter….

Enjoy the steak with whatever side dish you deem appropriate. This is one of the most luxurious, unctuous dishes you can eat. Enjoy it and give it all some thought. Perhaps you really are “Worth It”. It would be a shame if you thought that you aren’t.

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  • Oh, momma. I haven’t had a decent steak in years. I found it a little hard to get through those photos. My heart will be pining for perfectly charred, pink in the middle, mushroom scented steaks for days. Actually, you’ve given me an idea. I collect ceps (porcini) here every summer and always dry a large portion. I must try blitzing some to make a seasoning power like this. Now to do something to take my mind off the steaks …

  • Mmmmmmmagic porcini dust! I must go and buy some good steak 🙂

      • I don’t have any, but that situation can be easily rectified…

  • My word Conor my mouth is watering here! I can almost taste this. My only encounter with bone marrow butter was a very happy one, I must try this. I also love dusting the steaks with porcini dust, it gives really does add something incredible to the beef.

  • I can taste that from here … and what a lovely word unctuous is. The porcini powder is a lovely touch. Lx

  • That looks delicious. I have bought a commercial bone marrow butter in the past, packaged in a role like yours – my butcher was selling it for a while. I think it’s normally a trade product for restaurants.

  • Kill me now, cause that will be my last meal.

  • I know I’m worth it but my purse will probably have a good laugh at such a silly notion! Perhaps shall begin small trying out some of that incredible marrow butter and the porcini dust . . . . just checked, have some of those precious jewels in my pantry . . . . oh yum !!

  • That marrow-chive butter on the cling film looks incredibly desirable to me! I don’t know how much I’d have left for my filets because I’d be too busy slathering it on some grilled bread. I’d better make a double batch. 😉

  • Bone marrow butter – can’t get better than that!

  • I have said it before and I have said it again: against all internet device usage statistics, I strongly urge everyone to read this blog on a big screen to truly appreciate the marvelous photography. I’m afraid that final plated shot is going to be stolen by restaurants — it is certainly of a high enough quality for it. Well done, Conor. (Especially if you consider that you actually ate the dish after photographing it, whereas many food is made inedible to photograph it ‘better’.)
    What a decadent dish! It reminds me of Tournedos Rossini, with foie gras instead of the bone marrow butter. As popular with cardiologists who need more patients, I’m sure.

  • I’ll have to have a go at that magic porcini dust. Gratefully porcinis are plentiful here. And I’m totally covered with that bone marrow too. Well, not literally. 😉 Great post, great shots, Conor.

  • Mmm. My mouth is watering. I’ve never even heard of bone marrow butter before, but now it’s all I can think about.

  • A recipe done from the heart,thats all i can say

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