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House prices are doing it. The political system is having a run at it. Crime is always at it. Inflation hasn’t had a go for a while. Anybody over the age of 40 will remember when it too was “spiralling out of control”. But, it’s not something I’m going to allow to happen to me. When I spiral, I’m totally in control. But, there’s no headline in that. Imagine “HOUSE PRICES SPIRAL IN CONTROL” or “CRIME SPIRAL IN CONTROL”. The poor tabloids wouldn’t sell a paper. Thankfully, I’m not touting newsprint. I’m in control because those very nice people at Morphy Richards gave me a Spiralizer to try out. They gave me a nice set of recipes too. But, where’s the fun in copying a recipe when you can prepare Sweet and Sour Cucumber Spirals – An original recipe and very definitely spiralling ‘in control’.

This is a very, very tasty recipe that belies the three ingredients. It can be prepared in 5 minutes and is a delicious side dish for any Chinese meal. The three ingredients are  a cucumber, vinegar and sugar. I suggest using a level tablespoon of castor sugar and the same measure of vinegar for each cucumber you prepare.

My ingredients list certainly isn't out of control. Cucumber, sugar, vinegar.

My ingredients list certainly isn’t out of control. Cucumber, sugar, vinegar.

Slice the ends off and half the cucumber.

Perhaps I am a bit out of control? What a pointless photograph.

Perhaps I am a bit out of control? What a pointless photograph.

Using the safety feeder device, feed the cucumber into the spiralizer.

The money shot. Not that I'm getting paid for this...

The money shot. Not that I’m getting paid for this…

Put the spirals into a bowl. Gently heat the vinegar and sugar until the sugar has melted. Pour this mixture over the cucumber.

A controlled pour, if ever I saw one.

A controlled pour, if ever I saw one.

Toss the cucumber to coat. Leave it in the fridge for half an hour. Serve as a side dish and enjoy the clean, sweet and sour taste. You will want a second helping. You will have difficulty controlling yourself. You may even spiral etc….

The sweet and sour cucumber really delicious.

The sweet and sour cucumber is really delicious.

Footnote on remuneration: My friends at Morphy Richards Ireland sent me the Spiralizer to try. No payment was involved. If there was, this would have to be at the top of the post, to comply with Advertising Standards Authority of Ireland guidelines. As there was no payment, I don’t even have to put this note here. But, I have it typed now and am not going to waste the effort. 

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  • Wonderful gadget! I have a manual version, used like a pencil sharpener, with which I can make courgette ‘noodles’ in two different sizes, but I’m inspired to have a go with a cucumber and your dressing. By the way, contrary to all expectations, the all-Australian-bloke Husband loves the vegie noodles….

  • 😂😂😂

  • I have to say I didn’t ever think I’d see a spiralizer feature here. You’re not going to go all Helmsley sisters on us now are you? 😉 The cucumbers look perfect to complement all the delicious Asian flavoured dishes you’ve been featuring.

  • I have to get myself one of these!

  • This looks like something even my veggie hating husband would eat.

  • I have a post coming up shortly on my own experience with a different brand of spiralizer. Mine is not good… yours looks professional and useful.

  • Not a big fan of gadgets, but the salad looks fresh and tasty! 🙂

  • I like the salad, very fresh and tasty. My spiraliser (different model) is gathering dust.

      • Ooh, parsnip’s a good idea. And I’ve done everything else I can think of with quince, so why not? 🙂

  • Very interesting. Does it do different types of spiral, such as spaghetti?

      • You could be right – spaghetti might be better suited to courgettes.

  • I entertained the thought of buying a spiralizer, but the sous vide won out. Perfect Asian side dish!

  • Boss-man, as the final touch-up sprinkle a handful of toasted Sesame seeds over the spiral beauty, please! For a little more controlled crunch 😀 But your salad looking and smelling and sounding gorgeously inviting without sesame seeds. Thank you for the sweet recipe … pictures are perfect as always. Love.

  • I’ve recently purchased a spiralizer and a post will be coming up soon. Is yours electric? Like your cucumber recipe.

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