Salmon with Homemade Teriyaki Sauce, Spinach and Noodles – Fine Dining at Home!

Salmon with teriyaki sauceThe Wife and I are pretty ordinary people. That is the wife is pretty and I am ordinary. We don’t go crazy with fine dining in multi-starred restaurants and I usually restrict my wine budget to less than the price of a tank of petrol. It’s not that I object to great food and fine wines. I did a lot of fine dining in my younger days as an advertising account director. Not quite the stuff of Mad Men, but close enough. Nowadays, I get a bit miffed when my partaking in a meal is like a bit-part actor in a Broadway show, where the chef is the star with a chorus line of waiters in support. My role is only to eat the food, not complain and then pay the exorbitant bill when the culinary curtain falls. No, This is not for me. I prefer simpler things.

Most weeks, if we are not dining out in multi-star style, there will be a day when we dine on salmon, usually served with some lovely spinach. This helps us get our five a day, our Omega fish oils and other good stuff. It tastes pretty good too. Sometimes, like all things in life, it needs a bit of dialling up. That’s where my Homemade Teriyaki Sauce comes into its own.

Salmon with teriyaki sauce (1 of 8)

Canadian daughter rang while I was preparing the ingredients shot. Happy days!

Speaking of dialling, youngest daughter called from Toronto while I was taking the shot. That dialled things up a bit too.

The ingredients for my Homemade Teriyaki Sauce are as follows:

  • 2 tablespoons of Mirin
  • 2 tablespoons of Light Soy Sauce
  • Half a tablespoon of sliced and diced ginger
  • Half a tablespoon of dark brown sugar
  • Half a teaspoon of cornflour diluted in 2 teaspoons of water

The quantities are not exact. Try it or something like it and see what works for you.

Place all the ingredients bar the cornflour mixture into a saucepan and bring to a rolling boil.

Salmon with teriyaki sauce (4 of 8)

I used the very accurate “a slop of this and a dash of that” approach. It works.

Simmer for 10 minutes and add the cornflour mixture to thicken and glaze the sauce. Decant to a serving jug. I only have a two of these jugs. They appear in numerous posts.

Side note on my pair of jugs: This side note has the potential for some ribald humour. I will avoid that. The jugs were a wedding present given to myself and my current wife, some 30 years ago. They have held up better than my sense of humour. 

Salmon with teriyaki sauce (5 of 8)

This is a lovely sauce. Perfect for the weekly salmon dinner.

We cooked the spinach, with a little chilli, in the wok. While this was happening, we also grilled the salmon with a little black pepper and boiled the noodles too. Salmon with teriyaki sauce (7 of 8)A simple bit of assembly was all that was left for us to do. I can’t enthuse enough about this combination. The sauce brings this from ordinary to multi-star (If they gave stars for cooking at home). It is very tasty and is now added to our roster of healthy and delicious dishes. Add it to yours. You deserve a bit of fine dining yourself.

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  • This dish looks so fancy and I bet is really delicious :).

    • Thanks Silvia. Thanks for visiting too. It’s pretty simple yet pretty fancy. Pretty pretty too!

      • And you cracked me up with your joke at the beginning, that was very funny 🙂

  • Very nice! I also have a homemade teriyaki sauce recipe that I have yet to share with the world. I didn’t know how easy it was to make until I tried to do it myself. While I’m not a big fan of cooked salmon, I’d eat anything doused in that sauce!

    • So easy. So tasty. It brings the salmon alive (not literally) but, you know what I mean.

  • What an elegant dish, lovely presentation and I’ll bet it tasted a million dollars.

    • It was very easy to prepare and yes, it did (Canadian dollars).

  • The Husband took one look, and said “Gratuitous pouring shot!”. Trouble is, his words were muffled by a spot of gratuitous drooling. I have everything except the Mirin, and I can substitute sherry for that. No guesses what’s on the menu tonight… I don’t think gluten free soy sauce and rice noodles will affect the deliciousness one bit.

    • Not in the least Kate. I have some gluten free soy at the back of the press. It tastes perfectly fine. Delighted that for once, I can do a dish that you can enjoy.

      • Well, we’ve just finished our plates of salmon, spinach and noodles. I steamed both the spinach and did the fish in paper parcels, but the teriyaki sauce was the perfect accompaniment. I even got a pouring shot for my own amusement 🙂
        Yum, and thank you for the sauce recipe!

  • Beautiful meal, Conor. And you have a very pretty (and happy-looking) daughter! I’ll have to give that sauce a go some day.

    • She is not as happy as I am. Prettier though. I’m off to the USA today for some business. Then onwards to Toronto to see her for a couple of days. Really looking forward to it.

  • That first para of today’s post must be the best you have ever written – well, for me!! Thanks for the huge grin!!! Love the food combo also!!! Methinks Kate has indicated how popular this kind of menu is Down Under 🙂 ! As you said: all kind of ways – of course I ‘cannot live’ sans garlic and sesame oil in the teriyaki . . . 🙂 !

    • It is a pretty stripped down version. Very tasty with it. I hope my chef friends don’t read this one!

  • Good lord, I don’t even like salmon. But you’ve sold me. It must be that ribald sense of humor (humour).

    • Michelle,
      You are too kind. Humor me, do try the salmon with this simple sauce. It will convert you.

  • Love your assessment of fine dining in the modern age, you just forgot to mention the rough night’s sleep that ensued from an overindulgence of rich ingredients and wine. I’d be happy to dine out on your salmon with teryaki sauce, spinach and noodles any night

    • I’m afraid that I suffer those symptoms if I eat too late, be it out or in. They say that it is best to dine only in one 12 hour period in every 24. It makes sense. As does this light and tasty dish.

  • I am going to make the teriyaki sauce as soon as I get home.

    • That’s the spirit. It is so easy and worthy, if those two things can go together.

  • Fine dining at home indeed! (Did you know there is a blog of that name?) We love salmon teriyaki and your post reminds me I should make it again. It is also nice to marinate the salmon in the teriyaki — before binding it with cornstarch.

    • Great idea Stefan. I would be very slow to claim Fine Dining as a title in this blog.
      I can’t wait to hear more about your French odyssey. It looked spectacular.

      • Did you see the post about the trip on my blog? 🙂

  • Sounds delicious+ looks delicious. X by 4 Would it work well feeding 8 people for dinner?

  • Looks delicious! Who needs to dine out when there is food like this at home? Enjoy your trip across the pond 🙂

  • That looks excellent and perfectly executed as usual 🙂

  • I never would have thought to make teriyaki sauce, Conor. I usually buy a bottle, use some, and discover it 6 months later in the back of the fridge. From there, it’s a short trip to the recycle bin. Your recipe, however, is quite simple and I’ve all the ingredients. Looks like the bottle in the back of the fridge is the last one I’ll buy. Thanks!

  • And here I thought teriyaki was mined in secret caves off the Pacific coast. Who knew you could just whip it up? Everything you makes looks so delicious, why would you bother going out to eat?

  • I love salmon with teriyaki sauce – and you have given me a reason to make my own sauce. Thank you!

  • Is this where we say nice jugs? 🙂 Lovely dish. Didn’t realise teriyaki could be so simple. Hope you enjoy your visit with your daughter. Bet she’ll be thrilled to see you.

    • We had a fantastic time. All too short Virginia.
      I will ignore your question on the pouring vessels as I had thought of including something along those lines and decided that it was too ribald even for me. Virginia Payne, you shock me!

      • LOL, it’s good to be shocked once in awhile! 🙂 Glad you had a wonderful visit.

  • 2 pouring shots and a teriyaki sauce recipe even I could manage whilst standing on a soapbox about whatever’s annoying me this hour! Totally spoiled Conor. Hope you had a ball over the way.

  • Nice presentation and pictures, not to mention, the dish looks delicious!

    • Thanks Greg,
      I had a quick look at your blog. I love the approach. I cooked a beef rendang over the weekend. 5 hours of slow cooking produced something pretty special. I can’t wait to have some cold this evening.

      • Thanks! I was guilty of that the other day as well. Snacking on cold rendang, it always tastes better the next day – and the day after that 🙂

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