Keeping in touch with Shoulder of Spring Lamb.

Spring Lamb ShoulderWe are social animals. Some more social than others. Some more animal. Communication between us can be very complicated. We misunderstand each other and often end up not talking. We take offence. We get petulant and complicate our relationships through our always-on communication that for the best part really does not communicate at all. Look at the things we use to keep our friends close – text, Viber, Snapchat, email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and, for some of us, LinkedIn. Despite all the ‘communication’ many of us have never felt more alone, more isolated and out of touch. Not me though. I KNOW how to stay in touch. All I have to do is prepare some very simple Spring Lamb Shoulder and they will arrive at the table, ready to talk. Ready to share stories. Ready to really communicate. 

This is so simple, yet, it really engages.

This is so simple, yet, it really engages.

If you are having a communications issue with somebody who matters to you, follow this recipe. Call them over and rub shoulders with them. Here’s what you will need:

  • 1 spring lamb shoulder (per 3 people)
  • 1 bulb of garlic or 3 single bulb garlics
  • A few sprigs of rosemary
  • A glass and a half of good red wine
  • Salt and pepper to season

Now, put your shoulder to the wheel, as it were. Slice the fatty side of the shoulder to facilitate rubbing with salt and pepper. Season the lamb all over.

Only slash the lamb enough to facilitate seasoning.

Only slash the lamb enough to facilitate seasoning. “Facilitate” is such a ‘communications’ word….

Turn the oven on to 150ºC. Warm a frying pan. Add a little oil and brown the lamb on all sides.

Who could say no to sitting down with this beauty?

Who could say no to sitting down with this beauty?

Slice the garlic into chunks. Sit it and the rosemary at the bottom of a casserole. Place the lamb on top. Pour the wine over.

The better the wine, the better the gravy. Don't give them reason to take offence.

The better the wine, the better the gravy. Don’t give them reason to take offence.

Place a lid on it and put it in the oven and leave it there for three hours.

Remove the lamb from the casserole. Separate the bit of fat that will have joined the wine gravy. Reduce the wine gravy, by about half,  in a pan. Serve the lamb with mash and some vegetables. Pour the wine gravy over and let the conversation flow.

A most convivial way to spend some time with your loved ones.

A most convivial way to spend some time with your loved ones.

This is a really simple dish. It is wonderfully tasty. Cooking it is very, very easy. If you need an excuse to hook up with friends, shoulder the social burden. Send them a text, or Shapchat, Viber, tweet or FB them. You could even ring them on the telephone. Get them over, feed them and get the social engagement going.

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  • A joint of good lamb, simply cooked. Works every time with our family too.

    • Thanks Linda,
      Apologies for the delay in responding. I have been festering in bed for the past week. On the mend now.

      • Glad to hear you’re feeling better. Look after yourself.

  • I like to try for a similar effect with a succulent slow cooked beef brisket. The communication tends to become a bit non-verbal once mouths are full, I must say…

    • I have been experimenting (successfully) with brisket sous vide over the past couple of weeks. Blog posts to follow.

  • Delicious! I had shoulder of lamb (leftovers) cooked in a casserole with chorizo and chickpeas last night 🙂

    • I got some lovely uncooked chorizo last weekend. My friend Carlos, who hails from Marbella, imports it along with many other delicious Spanish treats. We are lucky to know him.

      • Brilliant – chorizo’s good with everything 🙂

  • … And if communications really break down, you can give them the cold shoulder.

    • It’s rare that there is any left, rare or otherwise…

  • Great plate and roast!

    • Thanks Rosemary. One of my favourite plates. It is a single I bought in a market with such a dish in mind.

  • Great post! I thought this would be a sous vide post! Sometimes the old fashioned way is best, just like old fashioned communication!

    • I was expecting sv, too!

      • I sv’d the lamb shoulder a couple of posts ago. I have to mix it up a bit!

  • Excellent use of pictures. I really enjoyed it. I plan on making this soon.

    • Thanks Tucker. It was a simple enough one to photo and turned out well, thanks be to goodness!

  • Nicely done Conor and great plating shot – not to mention the pouring shot. I love a good lamb braise and this looks wonderful. Sadly, somehow, I missed the invite on FB. I’m going to call Mark Zuckerberg and ask him what happened. I can’t have my social network fail me now. 😉

    • I have a post going up tomorrow that has you in mind, though you don’t get a mention. Plenty of Ancho in there. I’ll talk to Mark…

  • You’re bang on the money there my friend. Cook it and they will come!!

  • Looks lovely! How I wish I could get my husband to eat lamb. My best to you Conor and I hope your and yours are well… ^..^

    • Thanks Barb. The reason for the late response is my being in bed with a chest infection. Just about over it now and looking forward to a weekend of good cooking.

      • I do hope that you are feeling better! I made the most amazing scallops last night. Another recipe…I think that will have 5 on deck for Tasty Tuesday. Stay tuned! Looking forward to the post I see that is out there on your site. Have an amazing day and be well… ^..^

  • Simplicity at its best. And so right about using good wine!

    • I have never understood the ‘cooking wine’ approach that so many people use. If one is having a nice roast, served with a good wine, using the same good wine to make the gravy / sauce simply makes sense.

  • Beautiful roast, a lovely simple way to prepare a great piece of meat.

  • Perhaps someone can solve the mystery in my area of New England…what do they do will all the shoulders of the lambs. We have ribs and legs but no shoulders. Your friends must have been so happy to enjoy this meal…hopefully they weren’t texting while they were eating. 🙂

    • Phones are banned at the table Karen. Though, we did catch my 84 year old Mum sneaking a look at hers during a recent meal. The kids had great sport at her expense.
      The shoulder thing is a mystery to me.
      I hope you and yours are well.

      • Sorry you have not been well. Hopefully you will be back in good cooking form very soon. 🙂

        • Almost there Karen. Fighting hard to shift the last of it.

          • Take it easy until you are fully recovered, dear friend.

  • So well put! And so well prepared.

    • You are, as always far too kind to me.

  • Oh, a lamb shoulder cooked like this would fill the chairs at your table in no time flat! Am a typical Gemini with a totally unwanted birthday next week. This makes me a hugely ‘social animal’ who also needs large chunks of quiet ‘me’ time! Engage on basic email level . . . A year-long Facebook entry absolutely ‘did me in’ 🙂 ! But, Conor, I HAVE made some extraordinary, close and warm friends in the much and correctly ‘maligned’ social media . . . the proverbial horses for courses . . .

    • I should say that I am a big social media fan. It allows me stay in touch with friends and family spread around the world. However, if we are in the same city, I prefer to get together and ‘see the whites of their eyes’. It’s very difficult to get or receive a hug on Facebook.
      Happy Birthday Eha (hugs)!

  • Haha totally agreed! Food is a great method for getting people to get together and socialize. Recipe looks fantastic 🙂

  • Well shoot, like the comment from katechiconi, I can only try to simulate something like this with a beef brisket or other cut of meat. I’ve already told you about the tragedies of not finding any lamb in my neck of the woods. We have a lot of Alpacas here raised for their wool… no I won’t go there…. nope, not at all, lol! 😉 But your wonderful braised lamb would be something I would sit down with you any day, for real!

    • Get yourself over here Kathryn. I’ll cook it for you then. Otherwise, I could tweet you some.

      • I think you’ll have to tweet me some, as my next trip planned is to Minneapolis this year, then to Austin. New Zealand is till on my bucket list as well as ANYWHERE in Europe! Life is so short, huh?

  • Nice looking lamb Connor. Simple, effective, happy. It’s just hit winter here in Oz and I want to curl up with that plate and a glass of that red. I feel warm just reading your post. I mentioned in my mission statement in regards to teaching Kid how to cook ‘good cooks make great friends at dinner time.’ Just another skill to make getting along so much easier. Good postings.

    • Thanks Adam.
      My Mum has been eating Sunday Dinner with us for over two decades now. My kids (both in their 20s) treat Family Dinner with Gran as unmissable. Though younger is now in Canada and can only join occasionally via FaceTime. God bless the tech.

      • Mine is only 10 but I’m already equally sad and ecstatic that one day she’ll be off in another part of the world. All growed up. I wonder what tech will bring us then ? Cheers, Adam.

  • A good bit of lamb, red wine and an orange pot. What’s not to like!?

  • Brilliant idea and brilliant recipe! Have you seen teenagers now a days glued to their phone. It is this way all over the world and in Asia I feel it is of epidemic portions. Thank goodness, for your lamb ought to sort out everything!

  • Typing on bus, crazy bus driver tried together it up on one set of wheels can you sort out my typos. Thanks

    • Thanks BAM,
      I laughed when I saw the comment. I have fixed to the best of my ability. BTW, I was over on yours earlier trying to comment on that Italian chicken. The site was not working correctly.

      • I am sorry that you were not able to get through to comment. Can you send me a screen shot of what you are seeing when it is not working to so I can assess the issue? Thanks so much and have a super day.

  • awesome!!!
    lovin this damn comforting lamb shoulder all the way, the best way to let people gather around….

    • Hi Dedy,
      When you coming to dinner then?

  • You must be very lucky, Conor. All my friends are horrible and totally undeserving of such lovely lamb. I could cook that for myself, however. Got to look after ourselves. Amirite?? (Bit of social media speak there for continuity)

    • I won’t stoop to social speak Tara. We both know you have no friends anyway. (Cruel tone to the LOL, ROFL etc.)
      You could always come over here (bring the other half if you must) and I could cook something nice. Then we might be friends (smiley face).

      • Oh, Conor. You don’t know what terror you rain down upon yourself with that kind of casual kindness. I almost feel sorry for you. Not enough to refuse, mind you…

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