“Nice trousers. Are they new?” “No.” I say, “They’re Freshly Pressed.”

Time to get the shirt monogramed. Freshly pressed or what!

Time to get the shirt monogrammed. Freshly pressed or what!

Many years ago, to maintain my razor-sharp weekday appearance and to keep the dry-cleaning bills to a minimum, I invested in a trouser press. The device keeps a nice sharp crease on the suit pants and I only need to think about dry-cleaning when my lunch spills out of it’s glass. To set up a bit of contrast and to keep a good self-image during the working week, I sloth my way around in old jeans or tracksuits at the weekend.

Anybody who knows me socially will tell you, I look like a reject shop mannequin at the weekends. When I do the grocery shopping, security guards follow me around the store.

We gotta' look sharp for the weekend. Don't iron over the logo!

We gotta’ look sharp for the weekend. Don’t iron over the logo!

By contrast, during the week, shop security are as likely to greet my besuited self with a deferential “Good day Sir” and to hold the door for me. That does say more about them than me, I suppose.

However, this weekend is different. All my cloths need to be ironed. Creases need to be sharp and collars crisp. That’s because I am Freshly Pressed. Yes, to anybody in the WordPress world, this is big stuff. To pretty well everybody else, it’s a trouser and shirt thing.

So, if you see me cutting my way through a crowd of shoppers in a perfectly creased suit this weekend, don’t be alarmed, it’s just that I’m freshly pressed. And I’m delighted.

To put it in numerical terms, in the average month, I post 5 times. Yes that’s 5 posts. In October 2014, there were 64,765,865 posts using the WordPress platform. Yes, that’s over 64 million posts in one month. Each day, WordPress select just a handful of posts to feature on Freshly Pressed.

There was a bit of pressing involved in getting the ingredients into the pie too!

There was a bit of pressing involved in getting the ingredients into the pie too!

So, you will understand why I am so happy that my Chicken and Pancetta Pie post got singled out by the lovely editors at WordPress for the Freshly Pressed treatment. Time to get the iron out. Those curtains are looking a little creased……

End note of thanks. With sincere gratitude to Dave Whelan at Firstcom (the best communications company in the world bar none. I know, I work there.) for the image manipulation and for the ironing. 

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  • Well deserved, congratulations! This accolade should have been yours years ago. And from the looks of the first photograph, your pressing is 64,765,865 times more impressive than the butchery of that poor shirt.

    • My best ironing Tara. Pressed into service, as it were.

  • Congratulations Conor! It is truly an honor to have one’s site Freshly Pressed! My best to you! Be well! ^..^

    • Thanks Barb,
      I was pretty pleased to get this honour (honor as you say).

  • Certainly this isn’t your first time to be Freshly Pressed! Either way, it is well-deserved. And with the shameless, albeit creative masthead plug in honor of WordPress, I think you deserve it AGAIN! Congrats, man!

    • It sure is Adam. I am pretty chuffed, as you can guess.
      I hope all is good in the Great State of Texas.

  • Congratulations! You deserve it xx

    • Thanks Melissa. You are too kind by half.

  • I say, well done, old chap. Congratulations – very well-deserved. The pie looks exceedingly good. (I’m rather taken by that wine glass, too, been looking for some like that for ages – where are they from?)

    • HI Linda,
      The wine glass is part of my collection of single glasses, picked up in car boot sales, house clearances and bric-a-brac stalls. No substitute for legwork i’m afraid.

      • You are a man after my own heart. Must go on a rummage together sometime if we’re ever on the same island.

  • Richly deserved, and not a moment too soon. Again. And I like a man who know when to make use of totally gratuitous Photoshopping. I mean, you couldn’t get a pouring shot in, so why not multiple angles of WordPress logos…? But I’m pretty sure that Tshirt isn’t going to be as smooth as it should be. There’s no cord on the iron…

    • HA! There is. If you look carefully under her (it is a her?) arm, you will see it. It does look a bit strange all the same.
      Thanks for the kind words.

  • How exciting!!! Congratulations!!!

    • Thanks Mimi. It has been a bit overwhelming on the inbox.

  • I’m a new follower of yours thanks to the Fresh Press.

    • Hi Claudia,
      Great to have you here. Thanks for following and for commenting.

  • Congrats! I will follow you because you are the first blogger from Ireland I have come across in my short time as a fellow blogger, I love good food and good humor, and I especially love an Irishman who can cook.

    • Thanks Melissa,
      That’s very nice of you. Many years ago, the father of a friend was the senior pilot on the then very small Aer Arran. The light plane used to land on a field, doing the best to avoid rabbit holes. Different times. It’s a beautiful place.

      • My husband remembers those days. It is still a very small airline but much safer, thank God.

  • Nice work Conor. Freshly pressed for that razor-sharp look… and wit!

    • Thanks. A bit surprised by all the attention, I have to admit. Like everything else in this life, it will pass…

  • I started following your blog a few short months ago. You immediately drew me in with your dry sense of humor. Great work, Conor! Keep the posts coming!! 😁

  • congrats!! Press on…

    • I’m pressing. I’m pressing, I promise.

  • You do seem a clever bloke and a fair cook as well. I like that in a blogger. 😉 Will follow.

    • Thank you Lisa. I appreciate it. Do tell my family, please!

  • I salute you Mr. Freshly Pressed! Well done, well done… 😀

    • Thanks Kathryn, it was a very pleasant surprise.

  • Well done! Congratulations …

    • Thanks Sanjiv,
      Good to hear from you.

  • Hey, good for you! Gather ye posies while ye may! Ken

    • Thanks Ken. Kind of you to take the time on your BIRTHDAY! Have a great one.

  • Congrats and well deserved, Conor. How odd that a post from months ago gets this honor. And to receive likes on my own comments from back then.

  • PS great graphic. Some really quick work on a Sunday, or something you had ready in hopes of… 😉

    • I got a note from them earlier in the week. Anything else would have been a bit assumptive.

  • Congrats, you’re simply the best (at least in the food blogging world). Always longing for your next post. Grattis igen!

  • But that post was months ago. So what do they do – do they just trawl your site. I’ve always wondered…

    • I was surprised too. If I can be forgiven for saying it, it’s not my favourite post. I mean it wasn’t my favourite post until this.

      • Its the photography. Very good. All that natural light. We’re going to have to move. The Mrs will be delighted – moving so I can take better photos of food.

  • Congrats Conor, what better encouragement to press on with more posts! Nicki

    • Thanks Nicki, it certainly is encouraging.

  • Congrats Conor! Although you’d have to wonder, what took them so long…. 😉

  • Great article and congrats too!

  • Well done you.

  • Congratulations, Conor. You certainly deserve the honor. Lucky for you to already own a “WP” monogrammed shirt.

    • And trousers, and curtains bed linen and underwear, of course.

  • That is fabulous!
    I am thrilled for you–and also, mighty jealous 😛
    I hope that you went out and celebrated!

    • Too busy replying to the comments! All great fun.

  • OMG how am I only just seeing this! Freshly pressed! Awesome! LOL re “I look like a reject shop mannequin at the weekends”.hahaha. What an awesome pie. Look at you with that bird. I’ve been working so hard lately i’m like two weeks behind and you become famous. Well done! So glad for you! Going to read your pie post now.

    • Thanks Amanda. It has been a bit of a thrill indeed. You are too kind to me.

  • Congratulations on being fresh pressed! I am happy to have found your blog – I love it! ~ Monica

    • Thanks Monica,
      Great to see you here.

      • You’re welcome! 🙂 ~M.

  • Congratulations!!!!
    yeay, it’s nice to look sharp too, gain trust from patients for sure….

    • Not if you keep using the dental implements in your food preparation Lol!

      • that’s not true, all dental equipments for threating patients in my clinic is sterilized properly, everything which i’m using in my home (kitchen) is the instruments from my undergraduate pre-clinical training and i think it’s quite handy in the daily life instead of thrown it away, lol

  • What a year it’s been for you Conor and all well deserved by my reckoning. If it’s any consolation, clothes-wise I spent Sunday in a jumper, jogging bottoms and safety boots. Don’t ask…..

    • Have you gone all Hipster on us? A handlebar moustache and goatee would look great on you!

      • Well I do have a beard these days, none of my furniture or cutlery match and I like Arcade Fire….hmmm….

        • Next you’ll be gong to the vegan store on your fixie.

  • WELL DONE CONOR!!! For some reason I thought you had already been Freshly Pressed? Probably because the quality of your work is consistently high… and plus, you’ve collected yourself a few previous awards to boot! Well deserved my friend. Awesome stuff.

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