The cure for Meat Anxiety – Perfect Pork Chops and Plums.

Pork and plums (6 of 7)I have been in a bit of a tizzy of late. I have found myself wandering the aisles of the supermarket, looking at the meat. Wandering with desire but little intent. The Wife has warned me off any random acts of meat buying. So, no matter how attractive the deal or how delicious the cut, I have been abstemious. My lunchtime walks around the Sandyford Business District have been a torture. “Look, but don’t buy.” has been the watchword. Home in the evening for ‘a nice bit of fish’ or ‘some healthy chicken’. I have had an unpleasant form of meat anxiety. I have been fretful and perspiring, in need of a good meat fix. That was until tonight.

The Wife is away overnight with her tennis friends. Not that I would do anything to cause her displeasure. But, a huge pork chop is a huge pork chop. I stopped into the butcher on the way home and laid my hands on a couple of giant ‘rib-in’ chops. A quick divert into the supermarket for some plums and we were set. I know that you may think that there is little special about a pork chop. But, that’s because you are not cooking it right. Also, you might not be getting a thick enough chop. Bear with me. We only have one go at this. The Wife is due home in the morning.

The ingredients for Perfect Pork Chop and Plums are as follows:

  • 2 big pork chops – rib in, cut as thick as possible.
  • 5 or 6 plums
  • 2cm of ginger
  • 1 teaspoon of dark brown sugar
  • Lots of salt and pepper

We are going to serve it with garlic mash so you will need to make that with potatoes and 2 cloves of garlic. Let’s concentrate on the chops and plums. You can work out the garlic mash for yourself.

Slice the plums in half using the bum-like crease as a guide. Yes, it’s vaguely rude but, it’s the best description that comes to mind. Remove the stones. Chop the ginger. Divide the sugar and ginger amongst the plum halves and pop them into a 200º C oven.

These simple fruits are perfect with the pork chops.

I can tell the Wife that I had a couple of my 5 a day.

Let them warm and break down into a sort of sludgy sauce while you prepare the pork chops. Using a very sharp knife, slice across the skin and through the membrane behind. We want to keep the skin and fat on the meat during cooking. Then season with lots and lots of salt and pepper. The Wife is away so go for it!

Don't be a Jessie. Use lots of both salt and pepper.

Don’t be a Jessie. Use lots of both salt and pepper.

Rub the seasoned meat with a little oil and place the chops in a hot pan. Leave the chops untouched for 5 minutes. Turn over and give them another 5 minutes.

One for now, one for breakfast. Well, the Wife is away!

One for now. One for breakfast. Well, the Wife is away!

Take the plums out of the oven. Replace them with the pan containing the chops. Leave the pan in there for ten minutes. Take the pan out of the oven and return it to the hob. Remove the chops and let them rest. De-glaze the pan with some red wine. Reduce it to a thick, dark, gravy.

Pour this over the chops and serve with the plums and garlic mash.

This is as manly a meat meal as one can eat.

This is as manly a meat meal as one can eat.

The flavour is fantastic.The plums are simple fruits and are perfect with the pork chops. The ginger adds a little heat to balance the sweetness. The salt and pepper bring everything alive. The garlic mash gives a lovely aromatic backdrop. It really doesn’t get much tastier than this.

With the meal inside you, do the washing up. Put the dishes away. Clean the kitchen. Get your story straight for the return of the Wife. When she asks, tell her you had some fruit and “just a pork chop” for the evening meal. If you play it right, she will take pity on you and more meat might be on the menu….

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  • Pork and plums, a lovely combo, hard to beat. And I’m with you all the way on thick, juicy, well-seasoned chops. I really have to stop reading your posts right after breakfast as you always make me feel peckish again. Now, where’s the biscuit tin?

    • Leave breakfast on a Tuesday Linda. That way, you can have an early lunch, like this one, without feeling any guilt.

  • I know the feeling man, I am trying to rationalize going to the butcher to get a whole Jacobs ladder. Day off cooking is definitely the best cooking.

    • I got some short ribs last weekend. They took a full 5 hours in the oven. Post to follow. They were pretty spectacular. I am composing the post around the theme of real butchers. They are getting thin on the street.

      • They really are. Like there are a few I like but its rare to find someone who knows and stocks the cuts Im looking for. Where did you get yours in the end?

        • Fenlons in Stillorgan. They dont usually have that stuff on display but they have most things out the back.

  • I agree that a simple pork chop can be the food of the gods if done right. Sounds like you did it right. My husband will never be in your position; we have half a pig in the freezer and I’m always the first to suggest a pig-based meal! In fact, I must get something out for tomorrow. Thank you for the inspiration!

    • Kate, you need to divorce him and move over here. Bring the pig.

  • Plums and ginger? That’s a new combination for me..might have to give that a go!

    • Hi David,
      It works particularly well with the pork. Particularly if one cooks them down to a sludge (like in this case).
      Thanks for visiting and for the comment,

  • Looks delicious I can imagine it tasted even better with the added ingredient that you were being naughty eating it.

    • Maria, it makes the whole thing worthwhile. It’s like a secret sauce.

  • It’s been years since I’ve had a proper pork chop than your’s looks gorgeous. Well done.

  • You have inspired me to revisit the plum. I think I may like them with ginger!

    • They work very well with the ginger, for sure. I have made a plum and ginger sauce for use in an Oriental style with duck. Also delicious.

  • You are just like my husband, as soon as I’m gone he’ll have some steak. Your recipe looks good . I like adding ginger and fruit to my pork.

    • We husbands really can’t be trusted on our own. You’ll never know what we really get up to while you are away.

  • Must try this one too! Mouth is watering…pork and plums…pork and plums… 😉

    • Another post on the way Barb? I hope so!

      • I still see plums in the stores…If they are any good, I have to try this, otherwise, next summer!

        • Excellent Barb. I look forward to it.

          • Me too! May you all be well!

        • Conor – did you remove the skins of the fruit once cooked? Making this tonight but with a twist. No plums available, but I got pluots, which is a hybrid of plums and apricots! Mmmm…I most likely will not hear from you as it is somewhere about 2 a.m. your time…but trying the recipe!

          • Morning Barb. No. The plum skins become very soft. I look forward to seeing the results.

          • Because I used pluots it took forever to get them to soften. They were kind of big too. Will be doing a post later and link up to your post. This was delish! Looking forward to leftovers! 🙂 Be well!

  • A pork chop like that would cure many ailments!
    I’m liking that plum number… Stone fruit has started rearing its “bum like creases” in my neck of the woods so I’ll put it on the list.
    Cheers 🙂

    • Excellent. I think this would be right up your street and could be lovely done on a BBQ in the outback.

  • What did you do with the other pork chop? 😉 Good idea to pair plums with ginger.

    • The truth is that Lucy ate it like a lollipop, straight out of the fridge.

  • I only ate an hour ago and now I’m hungry again! Thanks! X

    • Sorry about that Jessica. In future, read the blog before you eat!

  • Reading this while dinner is cooking… lamenting the fact that I didn’t peek in two hours earlier! We eat lots of pork (in the States called the “other” white meat!!) and I’m always looking for new ways to enjoy it. This one looks both easy and de- lish!

    • Thanks Deirdre,
      Good pork can be really great. Unfortunately most pork doesn’t qualify on either count. If it did, it would not fall into second place like that. This is a simple and delicious way of preparing it. Do try it.

  • Plum and ginger, wow! I bet that is fantastic.Now I am only guessing from the context that a “hob” is a stove burner? Sometimes I do a “stop” reading your posts with words I’ve never heard of in the states… I’ve certainly “hob-nobbed” with folks before, but somehow that doesn’t fit this, lol!

    • Hob-nob away. You can do it in front of the hob as you suggest.

  • Having the initial glimpse of the two thick pork chops I thought a pal was joining you in your mancave for the evening but you had better plans didn’t you . . . since I trust your beloved does read your posts methinks pork will be off the menu awhile 🙂 !!!

    • I will be on a vegetable based diet for a few days while she gets over reading this!

  • I empathise. When I return from shopping with the butchered remnants of a cows arse my wife leaves the room and insists it is covered and out of sight. Quite hard to cook something when its in a plastic bag under the stairs…

    • Put herself under the stairs. That should sort it.

      • Okay i’ll see how that suggestion goes. If you dont’ hear from me again, it was nice knowing you…

  • A meal I would have happily joined you for….had my wife been away…..!

    • We are like bold children. Time to man up! That is, if the Wife is not around.

  • Oh my Gosh!!! Awesome combo! Mouthwatering dish! Looks superb, as many your dishes! 🙂

  • Plum perfect – that looks incredible! I’m thinking about pork soon. May go shoulder though.

  • While the cat’s away… Looks delicious, Conor.

    • Thanks Michelle. The cat has returned and I’m back in check.

  • Yum…Conor. I cook pork chops at least once a month and they will definitely be cooked with plums the next time. 😀

    • Great Karen. I look forward to seeing them in a post.

  • somehow, you always had a very nice word for your food, even care about the situation of your pork chops, lol
    i wish i can find pork chops with skin and fat on for me, plum is great tangy accompanion for meat
    and obviously with chilies for me, lol

    • Chilis, of course, how could I have fogoten to put them in Dedy?

  • that is one gorgeous chop! I was thinking about tofu for dinner, but now I am craving a big piece of meat 🙂

    • Tofu? No! We both know that should not happen.

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