I’d rather not be so popular. It couldn’t be my chicken and pancetta pie, could it?

Chicken and pancetta pie (16 of 18) My blog has got incredibly popular of late. This is a good thing, right? Sadly, no. Very wrong. It’s not my regular visitors and friends at all points in the free and not so free world that have me exercised. It’s those hard-hearted, vexatious, spotty people who spend their time spamming my virtual home here on WordPress. I checked today and have 475 spam comments in the darned efficient spam catcher used by WP. That means that of the time I spend here on the Internet, more of it is spent clearing out the dross and less is spent on the stuff you are here to see.

Here’s how I see them, the spammers, that is. They spend their time eating junk food in the windowless back room of a grotty internet café in some unloved suburb somewhere. They are pallid, flabby and suffer from nasty skin conditions brought on by their diet, their badness and the complete lack of sunlight in their lives. They will never, ever, taste my Chicken and Pancetta Pie. And, they are the losers, for sure.

The ingredients shot, only missing the onions. Fretting about spammers made me forget.

The ingredients shot, only missing the onions. Fretting about spammers made me forget.

This is a hot water pastry pie. There is no need to live in fear of hot water pastry. A long as you move fast and don’t mind getting your fingers scalded, everything will work out fine. The ingredients are as follows:

For the filling

  • 800 grammes of chicken meat
  • 250 grammes of pancetta
  • 2 onions
  • 100 grammes of butter
  • A bunch of chives
  • A handful of parsley
  • 2 teaspoons of mace
  • Half a teaspoon of nutmeg
  • Salt and pepper to season

For the pastry

  • 110 grammes of lard
  • 230 ml of water
  • 580 grammes of plain flour
  • An egg to paint on the top during cooking
  • You will need to have an 8″ springform baking mould too.

I was feeling bad about the spammers and decided to take my frustration out on the chicken. I decided to save some money and get the best of chicken meat (and a good mix of types) by using a whole chicken and a few legs and thighs.

Take that Spammer! I put the knife into the back of the chicken.

Take that Spammer! I put the knife into the back of the chicken.

After chopping the chicken into smallish pieces, I chopped the pancetta.

Most unSPAM like. The pancetta has a wonderful smokey flavour.

Most unSPAM like. The pancetta has a wonderful smokey flavour.

Next, I chopped, grated and mixed all the ingredients in a big bowl.

Chopping the chives. Therapeutic activity to calm me down.

Chopping the chives. Therapeutic activity to calm me down.

I chopped and fried the onions in the butter. That seems like a lot of butter but, it helps to bind the pie when it cools.

I'd love to pour a pan of hot onions over those spammers.

I’d love to pour a pan of hot onions over those spammers.

I mixed the ingredients by hand. That explains the plastic glove in some of the shots. There is a lot of raw chicken around.

The mace has a nice colour and adds a nice bit of flavour to this pie.

The mace has a nice colour and adds a nice bit of flavour to this pie. Let’s mace the spammers too!

To make the pastry, you need to work fast. Add the lard and water to a saucepan and heat them until just off boiling.

Bring it to just off boiling. You will know when it's there. It will be very hot!

Bring it to just off boiling. You will know when it’s there. It will be very hot!

Sieve the flour and add the hot mixture. Stir with a wooden spoon until the cartilage in your elbow wears down and starts to hurt.

My elbow was hurting like a spammer should hurt for inflicting their bad on us.

My elbow was hurting like a spammer should hurt for inflicting their bad on us.

Cut one quarter of the mixture and reserve it, in cling film, for the pie topping. Put the rest of the mixture into the baking tin and work it to cover the entire base and sides as evenly as possible. Work fast before the pastry cools and starts to crack. This bit hurts the sensitive fingers of the good of heart.

Ouch, ooh, ooh, ouch. Hot pastry hurts!

Ouch, ooh, ooh, ouch. Hot pastry hurts!

I’ll bet those spammers could make this stuff all day, what with all their sending out nonsensical emails. Their fingertips must be like leather.

Before the filling goes in, it looks like it would make a nice hat.

Before the filling goes in, it looks like it would make a nice hat.

Next, I placed the filling in, pressing it down to really fill the pastry.

Starting to look tasty. No, spammer, you will never taste it.

Starting to look tasty. No, spammer, you will never taste it.

I liked this shot, so, for those in the know, here's a totally gratuitous uncooked pie shot.

I liked this shot, so, for those in the know, here’s a totally gratuitous uncooked pie shot.

Roll out the remaining quarter of the pastry and pop the lid on the pie. Make a hole in the pastry, with a wooden spoon handle, to let the steam out. Make a better job of crimping the pie than I did.

Place the pie in a 200° C oven for 20 minutes. Take it out and paint it with an egg wash. Turn the oven down to 180° C and leave the pie in for a further 40 minutes. Take it out and avoid picking at the pastry. Let it cool and store it overnight in the fridge.

The cooked pie. Just before being left overnight to cool.

The cooked pie. Just before being left overnight to cool.

I had some jellied chicken stock on standby to pour into the pie but there was no room. The sign of a good pie!

We ate the pie with a nice big salad and a glass of nice white wine.

We ate the pie with a nice big salad and a glass of nice white wine.

We enjoyed this pie no end. As an aside, while I have been typing, the spam queue went up from 475 to 482. They are trying to get at my pie! The dirty scuts. Go back to your grotty, sweat smelling underworld, spam bots. Leave the nice stuff for us on the outside, in the sunshine, having fun, enjoying life and generally being nice to each other.



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  • Lovely looking pie. Maybe the next one should include spam. 🙂

  • They will never have a chance, in their very far away forlorn world such tastes are beyond imagination.

    • Too true. They suck on their burgers believing they are feeding from the Cornucopia. They don’t know what they don’t know.

  • Dirty scuts… I like it and will try and use it more in conversation.
    Nice pie lad!

  • It’s the evil in this world that makes us appreciate the food of the gods. I’m envisaging the evil, smelly, ugly spammers writhing in hell (no chance of purgatory there), tormented by the sight of the angels tucking into your pie…

  • This pie looks so amazing and delicious !

    • Thanks. Not bad for a first attempt, if you will forgive me promoting myself so boldly.

  • The only comfort I can give you Connor is that the dastardly spamming seems to come in waves. There was a time there last year when all of a sudden I would have hundreds of spam messages a day. I don’t dare to say it out loud, but It’s like the tap’s been turned off. Now, that scrumptious pie … 🙂

    • I have had only 176 so far today. Hopefully the tide is going out.

  • Your commentary had me in stitches; your pie looks so, so tasty and those spammers have been put in their place – genius post! The WP spam filter is great but it also seems to catch the odd legitimate comment so I am forced to trawl through pages and pages of crap for fear of offending my lovely loyal readers by not responding to their comments. What is the point of spam anyway? Surely no-one would actually click on their links…

    • Thanks Selma, very kind of you. I only click on them when I want somebody who can supply a combination of SEO services, Louis Vuitton handbags and real estate services in Toronto from the one website.

  • Conor, you little Irish sh**.

    I take back that offer of depositing a $100m from my dead grandfathers account in Nigeria to yours. You stuffed up, no pun intended chicken sh**.

    Leave us alone or we’ll spam you a Big Mac in the face and stuff chicken nuggets up your ****.

    Now, do you want any Viagra or what?


    A Spammer in the works

  • What an interesting pie! Looks delicious and very hearty.

    • Thank you for the kind words. It was a tasty pie (while it lasted).

  • First – what a lovely looking pie! What is the difference in flavor between a hot crust and a cold crust?

    RE: Those dastardly spammers: Good bit you wrote there Conor! Lovely description of those bast***s. Those spammers remind me of those folks who sign up to follow you and when you go to thank them for the follow discover that they are selling how to make millions with a blog! Then there are those cuties who sign up, then un-follow, then sign up again…doing this over and over and over! Clearly these folks have nothing better to do, except maybe pop a zit or two from their bad diets!

    To you and your clan – Be well!

    • Hi Barb, thanks for that. The repeat followers are almost as bad as the other one that is almost as easy to spot; The “Delicious dish” commenter. They go from food blog to food blog liking the posts and typing “Delicious dish” or similar everywhere.
      Be well yourself,

    • The cold crust is a bit more biscuit like. It suits the savoury ingredients very well.

  • This has given me the motivation to try this pastry. I’ve wanted to make a traditional pork pie but have held off. It’s moved up the list!

    I don’t get the spammers either. I have three posts that have seemed to attract their attention which is very annoying. Though it has died off a bit now but for a month or so I was inundated. Hopefully it will for you as well.

    And yes, this pie would make you very popular. 🙂

    • Thanks, I hate trawling through page after page of SEO experts spam comments. Particularly when we do that sort of stuff for real and I know how ‘Black Hat’ these idiots are.

      • I have to wonder what their return on investment is for them or do they just like messing with people.

  • Great looking pie and I love it served with the side salad and glass of white wine. Nicely done. Sorry about the spammers (love your description of them) but they’re everywhere. I haven’t posted in 3+ months (I really need to fix that soon) but still average roughly 70 spammers per day. It’s a real pain having to clean them out, especially when you haven’t checked on the blog for several days or so and have hundreds of ridiculous spam nonsense to clean. At least the WP anti-spam software catches the vast majority of it.

    • Great to see you here Richard. I can only encourage you to get back in the kitchen as soon as you are up to it. We are missing your with and wisdom.

  • Thanks for braving the spam to share your pie with us! It looks delicious… when I’m in the mood to bother Googling gram to ounce conversion, I might try and make one!!

  • Interesting pie recipe, Conor! Way too good for those spammers indeed. The spam is a nuisance, especially since I do find a few genuine messages in the spam filter sometimes. Luckily I usually don’t get as much spam.

    • No chance of them getting a slice Stefan. I had over 500 one time I checked recently. Any genuine ones got dumped as I didn’t have it in me to check them all.

  • Thank goodness for the spam catchers, eh? I always forget to go to mine to clean it out. Lovely pie, too!

  • Looks completely perfect! Beautiful textures. I want expecting it to torn out pork pie-esque at the start of the recipe!
    I am having the same trouble with spammers lately. Only they only seem to be commenting on random old post and wordpress’ spammers net isn’t catching these. Perhaps a loophole? Damn spammers!

  • I certainly love a savory pie and this one is a beauty. For the life of me I just don’t get spamming…nonsense!

  • Good lord that looks heavenly I literally want to lick my phone screen. Shame about the spammers. Unfortunately the world of internet has bred another type of inhumane persona we can all love without. Keep up the good work 🙂

  • Great pie. I’ve always wanted to make one like this.

  • This looks amazing Conor – chicken and pancetta wrapped up in a flaky crust! I’m glad I’m not one of those pesky spammers.

    • Book the air fare Tommy and we can feed you some of this fare.

  • What a great post Conor… I know that you’re angry at them but you make smile. They are loser, no doubts. I’m glad to hear that I’m not the only one who swear at them! Btw, you cake looks amazing! I’ve never tried to make a meat pie… It’s time to get moving!

    • It certainly is time to be making pies. Thanks for the nice comments.

  • This looks delicious. I am going to try adapting a kosher version (no pancetta, no lard and no butter) or would that defeat the object?!

    • I fear so. What will bind the pastry?

      • Margarine I’m afraid. Kosher rules unfortunately don’t allow meat (including poultry) and dairy to be mixed.

        • I would love to see the result. It could be excellent. It could be a disaster…

  • Conor that is one amazing looking PIE! Love it! Actually loved so much might have to pin that one…As regards to the spammers. I just hit the control alt and delete button all at once. Every once in a great while one of my favorite little bloggers have ended up there, I don’t know why so I do a quick look first just to make sure.

    • Too much work BAM. I see 20 at a time in my viewer and there is an awful lot of trawling through the hundreds that can show up.
      Pin away!

  • Spam? Clearly, Conor, we’ll think twice about purchasing a mail-order discount “genuine Louise Vitton” handbag for the missus next Christmas, won’t we? Dirty scuts! Great piece (and pie). Ken

    • Thanks Ken. My Nike high tops are in the post. All I had to do was give my bank details and password. Such nice people!

  • Your delicious sounding pie is definitely too good for the spammers as they are the lowest of low and have no taste at all.

    • Thanks Karen. You are too kind, and you speak the truth.

  • Oh, you would definitely be popular in my book if you were to serve me a slice of this pie. Gorgeous Conor! And me thinks you’ve described the spammers to a “T”.

    • The pie will be waiting for when you arrive here in Ireland, Lidia. We would love to welcome you.

  • Hi Conor. I happened to have this exact same problem a few weeks ago & yes, it was a busy couple of days. Thank goodness the good folk at Akismet cleared it up as I was able to chat with them via twitter. As for the amazing looking pie and the hot water pastry, that’s a yes for more pies & less spam!

    • Thanks Alice. I am encouraged by all the kind comments to do a couple of other pies over the coming months. Well worth the trouble. And, I am 100% with you: Go Akismet, you rock!

  • Now that looks lush. I’m going to try that with my duck fat hot water crust pastry I think. Pork pies are lovely but they’re very dense and well, porky. I hadn’t thought of using chicken like this…

    • What a great idea Luffy, duck fat would be delicious in the pastry. Imagine a duck meat pie. Mmmmmmmm…..

      • Next on my list!

        Am thinking duck meat and cranberries in duck fat hot water crust pastry

        Does that sound like food porn or what?

  • Oh my gosh, seriously Conor? That’s horrible. I have no idea why these darn people spend their time spamming everyone… I get a bit in my account also but nothing in the hundreds!!! As for this pie? Glorious perfection. It’s the kind of pie that my father would run miles for… perhaps if I bake it for him, he’ll buy me a pony? Ah, or not. I’m a bit too old for that anyway… 😉

  • That looks like it’d really hit the spot in the winter.

    • Thanks Seamus, Yes, and delicious cold in the summer too.

  • very good looking pie! and thanks for the hot water pastry tips.. I always fancy trying it.. reckon i just might now …

  • Thank you Mr. Fitz, That was my first outing with hot water pastry. Hopefully, my skills will improve with the next couple of pies.

  • This sounds like an amazing dish. Sadly I am not great with the old pastry but I want to try again when I am in a proper kitchen.

    I agree with you regarding spammers as they are the worst! I got really excited when I saw I had 300+ messages and then my excitement plummeted to annoyance when I realised 99% were spam!

    • The pastry is easy as long as you move fast and don’t mind getting the fingers burned!
      Thanks for the visit and the comment.

  • That made me want to eat the pie for sure, and made me mad at spammers! 🙂

  • I am drooling right now…..the crust looks so good.

    • Thanks. It’s pretty tasty. I could easily eat it on it’s own.

  • You make me grateful my blog isnt that popular hahaha. What an interesting way to make pastry! Ive never cooked with lard before.

    • You should give the lard pastry a go. Lard has a bad rep for no good reason. The pastry is pretty fine, if I say so my self (as I do).

  • Good food

  • Si, c’est la faute à votre pancetta pie… 🙂 J’ai vraiment envie de la préparer ! Merci Conor pour le partage. Bonne soirée !

    • Ce est mon plaisir. Avoir une bonne soirée aussi.

  • this is fantastic writing! thanks for the smiles. i am vegetarian but will read your meat-cookery any time just to enjoy your frolicking words.

    • That makes me smile for sure. Having a vegetarian reading my meat related posts.
      Thank you,

  • I wish I could cook like this. Found you on Freshly Pressed…so maybe you’ll get more traffic with less spam 🙂

    • We can only live in hope. Delighted to be Freshly Pressed.

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  • Loved the post. And the recipe!

    • Thank you Stuart. It was fun to do, even though it took a couple of days.

  • This sounds delicious. I struggle to get comments, but am new and learning every day. I begin at International Culinary Center, NY in January. This may be my first pastry dish. Cheers!

    • It will burn your fingers for sure. But, it’s worth the bit of pain. Good luck in the International Culinary Center. It’s a great thing to be doing what one loves.

  • Reblogged this on Certified Wellness and commented:
    I have a weakness for pastry dishes. Had to include this.

  • This looks delicious!

    • Hi Megan,
      Thank you for the kind comment.

  • Looks so yummy!!

    • Hi Sanah,
      Good of you to comment.

  • Look. How to deal with Spammers.

    Send them this vid of Keith Lemon saying ‘POTAYTOES’ a lot. They will never bother you again.

    Ah go on go on go on.

    • Nice stereotyping. I could haven’t done better myself, begob!

  • Great pie action! Never mind those spammers…!

  • Haha, I really enjoyed your description of the spammers as back-of-the-cafe creepy lurkers. 🙂 Too funny! (And, to be honest, way too close to how I picture them in my head, too, so that’s creeptastic, too.) Your chicken and pancetta pie sounds FAB, though. I may have to take a turn at making it. 😀

    • I love the word “creeptastic”. I might have to steal it!

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    • Thank you Tony. I appreciate the reblog.

  • awesome looking pie

  • I don’t have much time to make such elaborate meals but I do appreciate the effort that goes into making them. Looks delicious!

    On a different note, I see this post spinning off into an “Angry Chef” comedy series. Perhaps with a few guest appearances by the infamous Chef Ramsey ^_^

    • Good suggestion, though I don’t think I could take all the cursing and shouting (from me at him).

      • Have u ever seen the “soup nazzi” on Seinfeld. He’s another good guest for your show. 😂

  • Oh wow I’m hungry for this!

    • Hi Lauren,
      It takes a couple of days but is well worth the trouble.
      Give it a go.

  • Oh goodie !!! 😀 my holidays are up so most of the time I am in the kitchen trying new recipes out 🙂 I am so going to try this one. Your pie looks tasty <3

    • Thanks indeed. A good way to spend the holidays, for sure.

  • Looks pretty damned good… although now I’ve got cravings and it’s way past the last acceptable hour to go rooting!

  • Congratulations it is not easy to get Freshly Pressed!

    • I admit I was a bit stunned when the lovely WordPress editors were in touch. Delighted all the same.

  • I was so sucked into your chicken and pancetta pie that I missed my subway train stop. Congrats!

    • Nico, you made me laugh out loud. I have a picture in my head.
      I apologise, but it is funny.

  • New blog, any advice will be aprreciated – ziyak97.wordpress.com

    • Hi,
      On the blogging front, I do what I love and love what I do. If you are doing that, you are succeeding. I get a great buzz out of making people smile a little. That’s what drives me. It also hones three skills, writing, photography and thankfully, cooking.

  • Your chicken and pancetta pie made me hungry! 🙂

    • Hi Grace,
      That was the object of the exercise. I hope you liked it.

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  • That looks delicious!

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  • Reblogged this on Das Studium/mein Leben geht weiter… and commented:
    Die Bilder haben mir so gut gefallen, da musste ich dieses Gericht heute unbedingt machen.

    Ich erzähle dann später, wie es geschmeckt hat. 👍😋

    • Vielen, vielen Dank für die freundlichen Worte . Lassen Sie mich wissen , wie es funktioniert .

      • Hallo Conor,

        es hat super geklappt. Ich habe es geliebt, mein Mann auch. Ich werde dieses Gericht bestimmt nochmal machen.

  • So yummy

    • It was tasty indeed. Thanks for the comment,

  • Cool food

    • Thanks, very nice cool. Also very nice warm too!

  • This looks very delicious, one of my favourite types of pie is definitely a meat pie. The combination of crust and meat is perfect.

    • Thanks for the kind words. It was a tasty pie. Do try it if you get the chance.

      • Of course I will! My friends and I are definitely going to attempt to make it 😉 We’ll keep you posted if it turns out haha

        • Please let me know anyway. There is as much fun in the food fails as successes!

  • Reblogged this on A Bright Ray of Hope and commented:
    This looks like a delicious and not-too-complex meal. I suspect it will be appearing in front of my family soon.

    • Great! Please let me know how it works out for you. I love to see my stuff being cooked elsewhere.
      Thanks Hope.

  • Absolutely love this!

  • LOL!!! this is great! get the spammers!! 😀

  • I was going to say how about chicken & ham but there would be a lot of fat & gristle 😉

  • Nothing better than a good pie to keep all the bad scuts away!!

    • At least it stops me thinking about them. The horrid people!

  • Reblogged this on theworldofnemo.

    • Thanks for the reblog. Like with the food, it’s good to share.

  • Delighted to have found your tasty and entertaining blog Conor. Looking forward to more reading and tasting here. Regards from Thom at the immortal jukebox.

    • Thanks for the kind wirds Thom. I really appreciate you taking the trouble.

      • Pleasure – when you have a moment take a ramble around the Jukebox. Thom

        • I just did. Wow! You put a lot of work into that.

  • OMG I could never ever wait for this kind of pie to be cold overnight XD . I love eating them hot. But again it’s just me. Would definitely try this out when I’m in Germany already.

    • They are delicious hot too. I remember burning my lips on hot pastry. Well worth the pain.

      • Super worth! 😀 I will stay in touch. I will definitely try this when I go to Germany. I will cook with my in-laws there. They have a nice big kitchen. 🙂

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    • Thanks for the reblog. I am getting very traffic hungry!

  • Beautiful! I love the voice almost as much I do the food.

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  • I like how you talked about spam and cooking in the same entry. It made for a very interesting post haha now I want spam (the food)…

    • I promise to never cook with the dreaded Spam. My mother has memories of Spam during the Second World War. It was appreciated then. Perhaps not so much now.

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  • Absolutely loved how you took your frustration out on the spammers in this post. Clever (and hilarious) way to blow off some steam. If I wasn’t afraid of the scalded fingers I would love to try this pie it looks amazing!

    • Trust me. It’s worth the bit of scalding. Go for it!

  • As lovely as it is to read about your wonderful pie, I would personally rather be directed into a virus infested website that finally lets me grow my penis and rescue a Nigerian prince. 😉

  • YUM!!! I’m going to have to give that a go (and leave out the spam…)

    • Definitely leave out the Spam. Though the WP spam filter does a pretty great job. Thanks for the kind YUM!.

  • Wow this is a real pie. Well done. Is it odd to say it’s “very you”? Looks great as always.

    • Thanks Amanda,
      It’s exactly the sort of stuff I like to do. A little out of the ordinary but not technically challenging.

  • Yummm 🙂

  • Man! You ARE popular! Took awhile to scroll to the bottom for a comment. Goodness! How do you find the time to respond to them all? Amazing! I liked this post, your colorful pictures, your colorful language “hard-hearted, vexatious, spotty people…”, your humor, “I’ll bet those spammers could make this stuff all day, what with all their sending out nonsensical emails. Their fingertips must be like leather.” And, of course, your recipe. Very entertaining, and, I imagine, tasty. =] Thanks.

    • What a nice comment Gloria. I love to hear when I manage to make people smile. It does likewise for me when I do so, if you know what I mean.
      Thanks for dropping by and thanks for the kind words.

  • OMG, that looks to be awesomely tasty.
    As for those who produce spam by the bucket load – such sadness, such a waste of time, energy and potential talent.

    Be well

    • I agree completely. The talent waste is the saddest bit of it.

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    One mans view on the double edged blessing of being popular

    • Hi John,
      Thanks for the reblog and comment.

  • So funny! I’m going to follow you! That would sound creepy if I said it any other place outside of the internet!
    Not a spammer

    • Thanks Tesla,
      Thanks for the kind words and follow (on or off the internet).

  • Looks fab! Hope you made the spammers laugh as hard as me there…

    • I hope they choke on the laughter.
      Thanks for that,

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  • Fella, you are skilled….when and where is Conor’s Pie Shop landing?

    • There was a pie shop across the road from our office in Sandyford. It lasted about 3 months….

      • Yeah, but Sandyford is an Industrial estate Conor – there’s more life in a tramps vest!!

  • Wow that looks so yummy!!! I will definitely give this a try! I have never tried hot water pastry before, this could be fun!

    • It is both fun and tasty Ashleigh. Give it a go.

      • I will let you know when I do it and tell you what I think XD

        • Brilliant! I really love when people try my stuff.

          • It was delicious!!!! thank you for sharing the recipe XD

  • All I know is that I must now try this pie! Google must have a translator for grams to American measurements. (We always have to be so dam difficult!) Looks delicious, and good for you for only getting “stabby” with the chicken.

    • If you do try it, be sure to make it a long run beforehand. It is not low cal, no matter how one measures it.
      BTW, I translate cups and pounds to real measurements all the time. Using Google, of course.
      Thanks for the kind comment,

      • Oh, believe me- I always have a “dry run” before I try it out on a special occasion. Learned the hard way, that until I get comfortable with a recipe, I have to screw it up a few times.

  • I wish I could cook. Let me rephrase. I wish I had the desire to put so much effort into a meal.
    I absolutely love your pictures. As I scroll, I lick my lips in anticipation of the next photograph. I will go to a restaurant tonight and think of you!


    • Thank you. The highest praise. I really appreciate the nice comment.

  • Get a free pair of nike bro for free! Click here xxx

    Hehe I am kidding!!! I can only imagine your frustration for cleaning up the spam! Loved the article and the witty opening that lead to a recipe. You hooked a new foodie follower!

    • Excellent to have the Food Journey following, Nikes or not!

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    Oh yum!!

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  • That looks absolutely mouthwatering!

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  • I’m so going to try to make this. I’m not sure if it’ll turn out well, but I’ll try my best. Wish me luck! 😀

    • Hi Irwan,
      Please let me know how it turns out. It would be great to see.
      Thanks for your faith in my recipe.

      • Sure I will! But currently I’m struggling with finding Pancetta and Lard (which are rarely available in my country, and the sellers in the market are not familiar with, along with mace). But I’m thinking to make the Pancetta myself for now… and we’ll see after that. Haha.

  • thanks for the recipe. il try it out. I wasn’t expecting this was to be a food blog at all. But your post was hilarious! im following you!

    • Delighted to be of service. Let me know how it goes please.

  • Love it! You are very witty, and when I figure out the conversions I’m going to try the pie!

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  • Buena pinta!!!

  • This was the best recipe post I think I’ve ever seen.

    • Thanks Madison. A pretty good pie, for sure.

      • LOL, of course the pie looks and sounds good, but the aperitif of bitter spammer tonic makes the digestive juices flow, and causes the anticipation to mount.

  • who took the pics of the whole process of making your chicken pancetta pie? they are very nicely captured and look very appetizing. the only problem is to figure out some time and patience to make one, which is actually my own problem 😉

    • I took them myself. It does involve a deal of dexterity and also some use of the timer on the camera. All part of the fun!

      • wow, i admit it’s such a great work. you cook and take the pics of the cooking method yourself. indeed, it takes a lot of time, work and dexterity

  • Nice!

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    How did you find this

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  • The pastry looks delicious

    • Thank you Michelle,
      It is pretty tasty. But, I wouldn’t recommend it for daily consumption. It’s a lovely treat.

  • vege salad…. interesting

  • sorry i did not see the original post but yes it is interesting… your pie i might try to cook

    • Do try it. It’s pretty tasty fare.
      Thanks for visiting and for the comment.

  • 😋

  • I have to run to the market for ingredients. This looks incredible.

    • Well Cynthia,
      Post it when you get back! Thanks for the kind words.

  • That looks really delish

  • You forgot to put the hot pastry on the spammers head….lmap. I laughed inside of me till my belly hurt, couldnt afford to wake the baby up. I should have stepped out but i was afraid to explode in laughter. You made my day:)

    • Thanks Nneka,
      Happy to bring a little sunshine. Glad we didn’t wake the baby.

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    I had to reblog. This was so funny, it made my day. Except he forgot to put hot pastry on the spammers’ head.

  • Incredibly late- but looks delicious!

    • Thanks, I’ll take the complement any time!

  • Love your blog!! Keep it delish. XO
    The Man Who Ate STL.

    • Thank you. Keep eating St.L. I love your honesty and overall approach. Most ‘amateurs’ (not journalists) who do that stuff do it very poorly. Keep at it.

  • I will never make that, although it looks delicious. I just wanted to sympathize. In some ways, I’m awfully proud of my blog. In other ways, it’s a ton of work.
    Carry on.

    • Thanks indeed. The blog does take a bit of work. Thankfully we both know that it’s a labour of love and worth the effort involved.

  • I am feeling an irresistible urge to desperately convince you ‘I am not a spammer! Please let me have some pie’. I confess I am more of a ‘Nigella’s Sluts Spaghetti’ kinda gal, making pasta in the middle of the night in my dressing gown and eating by the light of the open fridge. But I have tactically left your recipe scattered (appearingly carelessly, how little they know) around the apartment in hope that the boyfriend may have a stroke of culinary genius and make it for me. Love your blog, looking forward to the next post!

    • Thanks Diana,
      If I get up in the middle of the night (to eat), it’s usually toast. I doubt any comparison with Nigella at the fridge door would work with me.
      Thanks for the very kind words.

  • This pie looks truly delectable.
    I am going to make this with my son at the weekend.
    Stay positive, you’re doing an amazing job!

    • Thanks Sunita,
      It was a tasty pie indeed. I will try my best to keep the right side out!

  • What a lovely pie! And what a lovely post – thanks for the good dose of humor, your terrific photography, and a recipe I shall have to try soon 🙂

    • Thanks so much for the lovely comment, Susan. Do break out the lard and give it a go. It is rather tasty.

  • Dammit. Linda beat me to the spam comment. I just recently discovered a similar number of spam comments – never realized WP was doing this! Beautiful pie. Who’s taking photos for you?

      • Ooh my. That I didn’t expect. I do have a remote, but if I need two hands I’m out of luck! Impressive

  • Just discovered your blog Conor, been reading a few posts. I now automatically read your comments in an irish accent, to be sure 🙂

    Re: spammers. I compare them to people that sit next to you on the bus/train when there are plenty of empty seats to choose from, and are seemingly unaware of the existence of deodorant.

  • Well, better late than never! It looks pie-tastic and I think I’m going to have to make one for Xmas.

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