Crab cakes and the long chive.

Crab cakesThe long chive? “What is he writing about now?” you say. There are four of us who know all about the long chive. When the girls were only knee-high to a herb patch, the Wife and I tried many things to get them to eat anything green. One of my more successful ruses was ‘the long chive’. If I asked them to eat scrambled eggs with chives, they would both refuse. The conversation every parent knows “Ugghhhhh, I hate chives.” “Have you ever tasted a chive?” “No, but I hate them.” would ensue. My answer; The long chive.

Scramble the eggs and chop the chives. Then ask one innocent child who should get the long chive. The rules being that the chive will bring good fortune to whoever finds it in their eggs. The result, everybody gets chives and somebody gets good fortune. So the long chive has become a family institution. Now with them in their twenties, they still insist on somebody getting the long chive, even suggesting who needs it most. So I really had no choice when I was preparing crab cakes with chives to advertise it as Crab Cakes and the Long Chive.

The ingredients bar the potato. Some of those chives are very long!

The ingredients bar the potato. Some of those chives are very long!

For this simple recipe, you will need:

  • 300 grammes of mashed potato
  • 200 grammes of crab meat
  • A big handful of chives
  • A teaspoon of paprika
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • Juice of a lime

Chop all the chives bar one.

Remember to hold one back. You will need a long chive.

Remember to hold one back. You will need a long chive.

Mix the ingredients bar the lime together in a big bowl.

It's best to do the mixing by hand. Messy but worth it.

It’s best to do the mixing with a spoon. It saves getting very messy hands.

Mould the mixture into four or six crab cakes. Pop them on to a frying pan until cooked.

Next time, I'll make them a bit smaller. Just because they will look nicer.

Next time, I’ll make them a bit smaller. Just so they will look nicer.

Squeeze the lime juice over them and serve with a nice salad.

Better serve this to the Wife. Being married to me, she needs all the luck she can get.

Better serve this to the Wife. Being married to me, she needs all the luck she can get.

This is nice with either a beer or a glass of wine. We have been doing the long chive thing for nearly 20 years. Even us adults love to get it now and again.

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  • Great pictures Conor. Now I want some crab cakes too! With the long chive 😉

    • Thanks Rosemary, we all deserve the occasional long chive.

  • Love the story of the long chive. 🙂 I like potato cakes and crab cakes so I know I would enjoy your crab cakes that combine the two.

    • Thanks Karen,
      Too kind of you. My eldest was shocked when she read the draft of this post. Her immediate questions “…the long chive was a trick?” “How could you Dad?”

  • Love the post! I never thought about mashed taters…Will try, Do you think I could get away with the long green bean or broccoli?

    • Some chance with the bean. We both know what would happen with the broccoli.

  • Lovely crab cakes . . . everyone should get ‘the long chive’ 🙂 ! Fun story too . . . I must have been brought up in the oddest family [OK! OK!!], but I never ever thought of objecting to any vegetable [absolutely loved broccoli, then and now!!] and I don’t remember this topic ever coming up with my kids . . . . they ate what was served . . . oh, did I say I loved the crab 😉 ?

    • Thanks Eha,
      Now that they are grown, they eat plenty of greens. The younger has a signature dish ‘broccoli cheese bake’. The chive worked for sure.

      • 🙂 !!

  • That is a sweet tradition with the chives, one I’m sure your kids will continue with. Those crab cakes are calling out to me… Come, Oh Lidia! Eat me! Gorgeous!

  • lovely dish and an amazing strategy – brilliant!

  • Love the story and the simplicity of the recipe. I would never have thought to make crab cakes with mashed potato and without eggs, but it makes sense. I bet Richard would have included some powdered chiles as well 😉 Good idea to give the long chive to the Wife.

  • What good fortune! I’ve never seen crab cakes made with mashed potatoes before, but it looks like a wonderful idea. I might have to try these this weekend.

    • Don’t forget the chives Tommy.

      • I wouldn’t dream of it, Conor!

  • Those look thoroughly delicious – thoroughly. And such along chive.

    • Hi Nick,
      Since I posted, my chive patch has pretty well died. There’s always next year, though I do have another chive related post coming soon. One of the advantages of being ahead of myself.

      • I was under the impressive chives were more or less indestructible. Delicate but strong. I love a good chive – i look forward to your next creation! Hope the cycling is going well – I’m doing a meaty 120 miles tomorrow!

        • I am impressed. I will do a meagre 50 or so (in the mountains, I hope, wind permitting). On the chive front, they do need to be watered and that’s where I let them down.

  • Conor, great post. I will def try out the strategy out on my very fussy eater but don’t hold out much hope. When she was small and on a “white food only” mission it was many years before she realised that the “chicken chops” that the butcher obliged me with were in fact, pork. Even now there is not much colour on her plate, unless you count an almost blue steak!

  • The only green thing my youngest will eat is spinach which i find bizarre because I think spinach is pretty yuck. Although he is now nearly 10 he still balks at anything with bits in it. Seriously.

    • Nearly old enough for you to play the “Time to man up son and eat your greens” card.

  • What a great looking dish! Like the story of the chive! Creative parenting! I am wondering if I can slide this recipe in front of my husband and tell him the ingredients are mashers and chicken. Hmmm….something to think about!

    • Barb, you know where I stand on that husband of yours. You just got to get tough with him.

      • I think I will call this dinner “sliders.” Maybe he will not know the difference! 🙂

      • Ooops! He was standing behind me and I did not see him! He said I should tell you to try a recipe making “Beef Cakes!” Hee hee…will still make those sliders and tell him it is burger!

        • Excellent plan Barb. Beef sliders they are!

          • I am making beef sliders next week! Love the recipe!

  • Great story:) We are swimming in crab on the island. I’ve no crab pots myself but a friend who trades me basil for crab. Pesto and crab cakes.
    Time to make some cakes.

    • Do that Wendy. Remember to post it too. I’d love to see the outcome.

  • Looks great. I’ve been meaning to try my hand at crab cakes and clam cakes. It’s hard to find good quality crab meat sometimes though. Great story about the chive too!

    • Thanks. Good quality crab is vital . The poor stuff is like eating salty straw. Not recommended.

  • I love that story! 🙂 Perfect. You have to be creative as a parent!

  • Really brilliant method to get the kids to eat greens. Such fresh ingredients. I love crab cakes! Beautiful.

    • Thanks Amanda.
      And thanks for stopping by.

  • What a great story! What parents won’t do to get their kids to eat. Although I’ve never used mashed potatoes in crab cakes, yours here were cooked perfectly. I love them with a bit of a crunch on the outside and soft and crabby on the inside. I’d consider myself very lucky to sit down to this meal, with or without the long chive. This was a great post, from beginning to end.

  • I remember when getting the short straw meant bad news too! I adore chives, my onion of choice for everything, so subtle and perfect tasting.

    • True indeed Paula. We have a house full of chive fans now.

  • Excellent ruse and delicious crab cakes 😉

  • A fabulous crab cake recipe. Really like the idea of mashed potatoes in them too!

  • What a great way to use leftover mashed potatoes! We love our crab cakes in the Pacific Northwest (might even be our signature dish, if we have one) and this looks like it would compete with the very best of them.

    • Too kind indeed. Be sure to use a long chive.

  • Hmmm, very clever idea…the loooong chive!

  • I’m a little annoyed, as for some reason your posts don’t always come up in my WordPress reader! Grrrr! I’ve missed so much Conor awesomeness. Anyway, these crab cakes look divine. I haven’t actually eaten crab for months… possibly years (!) so you’ve reminded me of what I’ve been missing. Definitely need to try these soon.

    • Great to have you back Laura. The crab cakes are v tasty and the long chive is fun.

  • I make codfish cakes with mashed potatoes,(I have the recipe on my blog), but never crab cakes…why I never thought of it,I don’t know.(Head slap!)
    Love “the long chive”.

    • Thanks Tonette. Eldest was shocked when she heard it was a ruse.

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