Chicken drumsticks and why you should om nom nominate me.

Honey Mustard Chicken Drumsticks (6 of 7)

I laughed at the word NOMINATE. I am destined to get your vote. Think about the appropriateness to a food blog; NOM in ATE. Get it? Of course you do. Now, if I expect you to nominate me in the Irish Blog Awards, I need to give you something. So I am giving you this fantastic recipe for Honey Mustard Chicken Drumsticks. I came across the recipe and modified it from The Barbecue Book by Eric Treuillé & Birgit Erath published by DK – The best barbecue book I have ever encountered. Honey Mustard Chicken Drumsticks (1 of 7)For this I used

  • 24 chicken drumsticks (free range)
  • 4 single clove garlic bulbs
  • Juice from two lemons
  • 2/3 of a jar of french mustard
  • 2/3 of a jar of honey
  • 1 good gloop of soy sauce*
  • 1 good twisting of black pepper**

*A good gloop is enough to thin the mixture but not enough to make it too salty.
**A good twisting is a matter for yourself. Use as much as you think will do.

First chop the garlic. Like the competition in the blog awards, it should be rough.

Honey Mustard Chicken Drumsticks

Roughly chopping the garlic. The picture is to show how much garlic goes in. I love garlic.

Then mix all the ingredients bar the chicken in a big bowl. This calls for a couple of pouring shots.

My interpretation of 'a good gloop' of soy sauce.

My interpretation of ‘a good gloop’ of soy sauce.

Then the honey is added.

Honey makes for an easy pouring shot because it pours so slowly.

Honey makes for an easy pouring shot because it pours so slowly.

When the ingredients are mixed, put one or two deep cuts into the flesh of the chicken legs. Cut as deep as the hurt and pain of blog award failure. This is to let them take on the flavour and also to help with the cooking.

Cut deep into the thickest bits. This is the only vaguely gory bit of this exercise.

Cut deep into the thickest bits. This is the only vaguely gory bit of this exercise.

Add the drumsticks to the marinade and stir them about for a while. In fact, stir them in the same way as a blog award win stirs the emotions.

Honey Mustard Chicken Drumsticks

Be sure to cover each drumstick with lots of marinade.

Cover these and stick them in the fridge for a couple of hours minimum, six hours maximum. (I don’t know why I bother with the maximum. Who is organised enough to prepare six hours in advance for a barbecue?) Stir them around every now and again to be sure the marinade gets everywhere.

Fire up the barbecue. If on gas, turn it to minimum and cook the drumsticks slowly. turning often and adding marinade as you go. For the last few minutes, turn the heat up to about half. You will know when they are cooked because they will look cooked and they will start to stick to the barbecue. If in doubt, refer to the photo.

Honey Mustard Chicken Drumsticks

This was the last shot I could get before the hoard scoffed the lot.

Now back to the Irish Blog Awards. If you want to om nom nominate me, you will need to use the blog email address of conorbofin (at) and click the link here.

Drum roll please…. Using chicken drumsticks, of course.

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  • The ingredients of the marinade speak for themselves. wow! Of course I’ll nominate you.

    • Thanks Rosemary. Greatly appreciated.

  • Om nom nomination submitted!

  • Nomination submitted! this is gorgeous….and so much fun, as usual! Best of luck to you in the awards.

    • Thanks Natalia,
      Kind words indeed.

  • How do I NOM in ATE U CB?

    • Hi Peter,
      Great to see you here. The instructions are at the bottom of the post. Remember to do it like the politicians of old “vote early and often”.

  • Looks suitably summery and how apt for this sunny weekend when so many of will be bbq-ing. Nominated and good luck!

    • Thanks Adam,
      We certainly have the weather in Dublin this weekend for something like this. Lovely stuff indeed.

  • Nomination gone thru’ ! When asked why I wanted to noiminate I must admit it was on the tip of my tongue to say ‘because he says the chicken legs are cooked when they look cooked’ – don’t worry, kept my peculiar humour to myself 🙂 ! Shall copy your chicken recipe tho’!!!

    • Thanks Eha, You are either up early or late down there on the bottom of the world. We have done something like this recipe (the ingredients mix is very loose) numerous times over the years. Always delicious. Do give it a go before you get embedded in Australian winter.

      • Was up very late hoping to get news of Celi from ‘kitchensgarden’ in Illinois: thank God withe Chgo John’s wonderful help she should be at her son’s wedding today [expired NZ passport]!! The wonder of the blogworld!! NOW: can one vote more than once? And if I get a chance I’ll share this with friends!!

        • Thanks Eha, if it runs the same as last year, once nominated, one goes on the long list. Getting on the short list is the problem…

  • You’ve been om nom nominated. Thank you for including two pouring shots in this post. Outstanding.

    • Thanks Adam, The honey is oh so easy to shoot (as long as it is warm enough to get it to pour).
      I appreciate the Texas vote too!

  • How big were the jars of mustard and honey? I want to make this, looks wonderful. I’ll get you nominated! 🙂

    • The honey is a 1lb jar. The mustard is about 2/3 of that. The mixture really is very forgiving as neither are big flavours. I usually just fling a deal of both in and stir….
      Thanks for the om nom nomination.

  • ♪♫♫♪There is a blog called “One Man’s Meat
    Whose recipes just can’t be beat!
    He loves to pour
    And offers us more
    And this recipe is truly sweet!♪♫♫♪

    Nominated and I hope that you win! My best – Barb

    • Lovely Barb,
      My first musical comment on the blog.
      Love it,

  • It´s winter, it´s almost raining…I wonder how this will bake in my kitchen grill. A lot of smoke for sure, but man, I´m craving them!

  • I nom in ated you! 🙂

  • Another great post, Conor. I’ll forgive the use of a gas grill 😉
    Nominated: “Very well written with lots of wit and beautiful photos. Delicious recipes.”
    Good luck!

  • mmm the drumsticks look great, Conor!…and you have my vote, good sir!

  • I nominated you! You have great instructions, beautiful photos, clever writing and great food!

    • Hi Patricia,
      You too are too kind. Thanks for stopping by at One Man’s Meat.

  • Done. And I’d have done it even if you hadn’t bribed me with that beautiful chicken.

  • Nommed. Good luck!

  • Hell yes Conor!

  • Great legs. Drumsticks are always fun. Consider yourself nominated. Ken

  • Done! And you didn’t have to bait me with this delicious recipe either. I would have gladly nominated you because you are quite deserving of it! Good luck Conor!

  • Just voted! Happy to do so…you’re at the top of the list of my favorite blogs!

    • I am touched. Thank you. It is all in the interest of fun. We need more fun in our lives.

  • Nom nom nomiated, sir! Great recipe too.

  • This is a great recipe, Conor. You should win on the basis of this one, alone. You’ve got my voted. Good luck!

    • Thanks John, I had fun cooking it. I appreciate your support.

  • They look delicious and nomination done! Beth

  • Always the salesman Conor! A (well deserved) nomination on its way….

  • You definitely deserve a nomination! Count another one in. As for the drumsticks….they are making me hungry.

    • Thank you. I appreciate the om nomination. The drumsticks are very tasty.

  • I’m late but I have just nominated, good luck! You deserve to win for your outstanding blog.

  • Duly nominated. (although you nearly got nominated for Best Great Outdoors blog – the Best Irish Blog Blog wouldnt win if it had a category).

    • Great outdoors blog would suit me just fine right now. Sitting in the garden barbecuing a leg of lamb and thinking about killing the idiot using a petrol leaf blower at this hour of the evening. #rambo

  • Sent in the nomination! Your blog is wonderful 🙂

  • Great looking chicken, Conor. I would definitely chow down on those drumsticks. Nomination done. 🙂

    • Thanks Richard. The blog awards are really just a bit of fun. Fun to win that is.

  • Voted with pleasure 🙂 Of course I’d nominate you ! Why wouldn’t I ? Did I not tell you that you are the best Iron Chef in my eyes?!
    Hugs and loads of love for the super aromatic but easy chicken recipe. Loved the last outdoor shot as well as all the indoor ones 🙂

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