Limerick Ham

Limerick Ham

I was going to scribe this post
so to my numerous friends I could boast
about this little literary gimmick
that is known as the Limerick.
They would laugh and I’d be their toast.

Limerick Ham ingredients

Harmony in the ingredients if not in the poetry.

I had a long chat with my Mam
about cooking some Limerick ham.
With sauce, cabbage and potato
and mustard ‘twould be great to
bring raging hunger to calm.


The gratuitous cabbage photo. I liked it so you are seeing it.

To the butcher I went for the swine.
Billy carved and trussed it with twine.
Once my plan I imparted,
the butchering he started
and my three kilo joint looked divine.

Chopped Cabbage

Cabbage. Not a word you’d want as a ‘rhymer’ in a limerick.

I boiled it in a pot of hot water
for about an hour and a quarter.
With much satisfied glee I beamed
while it rested and steamed.
“What a lovely aroma” said daughter.

Limerick Ham

Steaming ham. It was difficult to keep them away from it.

To the ham water I added some cabbage.
It adds flavour to the veg, by adage.
I made sauce and chopped in the green
parsley, for fear of it being mean
and stirred it to prevent lumpy damage.

White sauce

No roux needed. Chuck the butter, milk and flour into the pot and stir.

What a dinner we were prospecting.
With anticipation we were vesting.
I sharpened my knife
and said to the Wife
“No picking now, don’t be testing”.

English mustard

Just like my poetry, you are better off making your own English mustard. Lovely flavour.

To try to pair ham with wine
for others might prove to be fine.
For me there was no decider,
so we drank some nice French cider.
From tree proving better than vine.

Limerick ham, cabbage and parsley sauce.

Limerick ham, cabbage and parsley sauce.

There’s little more to say at this time.
I enjoyed writing my Limerick rhyme.
I hope you liked this little ditty
as we liked the ham from that city.
With parsley sauce its sublime.

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  • Beautiful meal, clever limerick 🙂

  • Dear oh, dear …. I saw the title of your post and *knew* you were going to be rhyming somewhere in there 🙂

    • It is a hard subject on which to be serious!

  • Cheered me up no end after a tiring (sadly, as yet unfinished) day! Lovely boiled ham.

    • Thanks Phil. A bit of per Easter nonsense.

  • Damn, you’ve doing good on the poetry…
    they all rymes,
    the limerick looks so comfort to the table…

    • Thanks Deddy. And thank for visiting the blog. Good to see you here.

  • Great post, Conor. Looks delicious too. Interesting that “ham” rhymes with “calm” in a Limerick accent 🙂

    • In a Dublin accent too!

      • Goes to show how much I (don’t) know about Ireland. In my accent they certainly don’t rhyme.
        Must have been a lot of work to write the whole thing in limerick form!

  • I nearly responded with simiar verse but perchance only fools tread in where . . . . Lovely dish, fun verse . . . have a Happy Easter 🙂 !

  • I know I sai I looked forward to your Limerick Ham post but I had no idea there’d be a Limerick and a ham within the post. Very clever, Conor, though this is the first I’ve ever heard that didn’t begin with “There once was a …” No matter. I’ve not seen ham prepared this way but it sure looks perfectly prepared. It would look good on any Easter table.
    Wishing you and yours a wonderful Easter, Conor.

  • You’re so clever! Ha ha ham!

  • I was wondering how you’d get cabbage in there – very creative!

    • Stretching rhyme to (and beyond) it’s limits.
      Happy Easter,

  • Must show this limerick to my 10 year-old daughter as she’s learning about limericks in school! Very clever indeed! Happy Easter to you and yours Connor!

    • Thanks Lidia, it is about 10 year old level, for sure.
      Happy Easter,

  • Excellent ham 🙂

    • I take it you are not impressed with my poetry? I wouldn’t be either.

  • Fabulous!

  • Looks absolutely lovely! I wish we had a real butcher here in town!

    • We are lucky in that respect.
      Happy Easter Barb.

      • Same to you Conor! May the Easter Bunny leave tracks on your lawn!

  • Yum! A delicious reminder of life’s simple foods and how (when combined) they bring comfort and happiness to one’s tummy. I won’t often cook a ham (outside of Christmas,) but looking at that lovely trussed pink beauty, the potato cabbage (which reminds me of a savoy a little?) The jewels of boiled spuds and a lovely, lovely parsley sauce…. I think, alright! I’ve got to wait the weather to turn, as it’s still outdoor BBQ time and beach weather here, (autumn seems to have forgotten us in Sydney.) the moment it does, you can bet I’ll be getting that stock pot on and back into braises in no time!

    • Hi Alice, the cabbage is a Savoy. It’s my poor rhyme that has thrown you. I envy your lovely weather. Easter here at 3 degrees.

      • Lol, I thought it looked familiar. Should I tell you the skies have currently opened and the rain is now buckteting down in droves! still in the mid twenties though for autumn so perhaps it”ll be cooler soon. Enjoy your Easter Weekend!

  • Just had ham today at a friends home…but certainly not nearly as pretty of a dish as yours.

  • Conor:
    As always, you’re quite the man.
    For what a truly fine looking ham.
    My mouth is watering with such delight.
    I’m surely dreaming of this meal tonight.

    • What is this that’s come to me?
      A literary compliment from Tommy.
      He is impressed, for I can see
      A rhyming couplet spreading glee.

      • Ha! I guess I need to write a sonnet now.

  • Haha, loving this new style of blogging Conor. Well done! 🙂

  • This is the meal my Dad (a Limerick man) was raised on. Unfortunately I can’t seem to find decent ham here in Australia, so I can only imagine what it tasted like, hope you enjoyed it!

    • It was beautiful. I was in the Milk Market in Limerick last weekend. Lovely place. My beloved Leinster will be there tomorrow to face Munster. Looking forward to that too.

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