Pancake Tuesday – Thank You North America!

PancakesYoungest daughter recently returned from a semester in St. John’s University in Newfoundland. On returning to our island shore, she brought with her some education, a broadened mind, lots of St John’s branded clothes, some St. John’s Ice Caps promo material (Go Caps!) and a couple of tasty treats from that great continent. So in honour of both her return from Canada and in honor of the entire North American continent, I am preparing two kinds of Fluffy American Pancakes

I had not intended letting them have it all their own way. We were going to add some intensely flavoured Orchard Syrup to the mix but, the Canadian stuff tasted so good that we forgot to use it. This must be the first time I have included an ingredient and not used it rather than the reverse.

Pancake ingredients

You don’t need to make out all the ingredients in the pic. Check the list.

The master list of ingredients

  • 2 eggs
  • 170 grammes of self-raising flour
  • 2 teaspoons of baking powder
  • A little salt – I used about half a teaspoon
  • 375 ml of milk
  • a little olive oil – I used about two tablespoons
  • A bunch of blueberries – suit yourself on quantity
  • Butter for frying

Put the dry ingredients (not the blueberries) into a bowl (no need to sieve).


Pouring shot number one. The dry ingredients. Not a lot to be said about them, is there?

Mix the wet ingredients with a fork. This includes the eggs. They are wet when you take them out of the shells.

Pancake mixture

This shot is the second of four pouring shots. Four is a record for me in a post.

Pour the wet ingredients into the dry ingredients and get busy with the fork again. Stop beating when the batter is smooth.

Pancake mixture

The fork beating takes a couple of minutes only. No excuses.

Wash the bowl from the wet ingredients and add half the mixture to that bowl. You could just dirty another bowl but what the hell. Mix the blueberries into one or other bowl. Whichever bowl you choose, you can now call the Super Bowl because this is as American as pancakes can get.


Yes, the Super Bowl. No, I have no shame.

Next thing is to melt some butter in a pan (skillet) and fry a couple of pancakes. The mixture is pretty think and not what we Europeans think of as pancakey.

Pancakes in the pan

Pancakes in the pan. They are ready to turn when little holes appear in the top of the batter.

The first pair almost done. They get even thicker when they are turned.

Pancakes in the pan

My Mum saw these and told me that they used to be called Muffins. Let’s not confuse the issue.

Side note of clarification: I could launch into a piece about Biscuits, Pancakes, Muffins and Cookies and the different things we mean when we talk across the Atlantic. Thankfully for you, I’m not going there. 

My first plated shot. with the delicious Blueberry Sauce. They tasted every bit as good as they looked.


Pouring shot number three. I admit that I used a cup of cold coffee as a prop. Nice cup all the same.

Next up is the Super Bowl mixture. Just like so many games played in that hallowed competition, a bit lumpy in places.

Pancakes with blueberries

Pancakes with blueberries in the pan. Oh, the anticipation.

I just could not resist another shot of them cooking. Forgive me.

Pancakes with blueberries

Pancakes with blueberries in the pan. They look GREAT!

Canadian Maple Syrup being poured over the blueberry pancakes.

Pancakes with blueberries

Same cup of cold coffee. Different pancakes. Pour number four.

Thank you North America for the beautiful pancake ideas. Thank you Canada for the delicious maple syrup and blueberry sauce. Thank you St. John’s for the safe return of youngest daughter. We managed to use all the syrup in one sitting. Do you think they would take her back for a while longer?

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  • Loving the cold coffee. Keep up the good work!

    • Thanks Gary, it looked better than it tasted!

  • Some awesome photography going on here, Dad 😀

  • We can always send you more syrup if you wish. Great posting, I want some.
    Thank you for another fun posting. Have a great remainder of your day.

    • Giangi, a ten gallon drum would be most welcomed any time.

  • I love Maple Syrup and I was born on pancake day – sadly it’s not on the same day every year. No wonder I love food – it’s the feast day before lent!
    Great post Conor 😉

    • Thanks MD. Your birthday conundrum can be solved by having pancakes no matter what day it is!

      • Of course, everyday’s a feast day 🙂

  • Try them using buttermilk next time, you’ll love it!

    • Great idea Pami. Buttermilk is not easy to get here any more. Used to be a question of leaving a note out for the milkman. Times change but I think I will collar him and see if we can get some.

      • I was surprised that they even sell it in our small-ish Sainsbury’s in the town center which doesn’t even stock sesame seeds. Who buys it besides me, I don’t know, but I was sure glad to see it when shopping for pancake day!

        • Luck for you indeed. A lot of very poor quality stuff here at prices that would make your eyes water.

  • Now this recipe sounds like it could be from New England with good maple syrup and fresh blueberries from Maine.

    • Happy Days Karen! I would love to see your food artistry applied to it.

  • Loving your photography, Conor. You make everything look so appetising. I love pancakes and these look particularly yum!

    • Thanks Sanjiv. The table cloth is in fact a kanga from the Tanzanian branch of the family. My mum has loaned me a few to help improve the dreaded ‘plated’ shots.

  • Thank YOU Conor for such great pancake recipes. As an American who loves himself some fluffy flapjacks, these look top-notch. Just the sort of pancakes you’d find at some quaint diner in the upper parts of New England. Jealous of that Canadian syrup …

    • Thanks Tommy. I reckon I am going to have to send her back for more.

  • Delicious, delightful and I’m sure your dsughter approved. I love the sweet stuff and there’s so many great videos out there which show Canadians getting handy with a hammer and pipe to tap that sugary glaze. (It’s a long wait for pancakes when you’re boiling tree sap!)

    Love the fluffiness & bluberries too. Perfect winter breakky.

    • Thanks Alice. It would have been rude of me to pressure daughter for more, not that she tapped a tree for it!

  • I love the images and the story here. Very nice tease in your headline, I thought you were going to rip some part of America 🙂

    • Hi Michael, No. I plan to do the American rip in a burger post to come soon. I would have posted it sooner but the Europe wide horse meat scandal has given me pause for thought. I promise to not serve horse when you guys are over (unless you want me to).

      • Man, I love me some Equine 🙂 The bresaola di cavallo in the Veneto and the Fileto di Cavallo in Lugano, Switzerland are some of my all-time faves. No issued with horsey here.
        I will be eager to read your burger post.

        • Have a look at this and let us all know if you still have “no issue with horsey”. As long as there is demand for horse meat processed inhumanely, practices like these will continue:

          • Hi Monika,
            For clarity, I am 100% against the inhumane treatment of any animals. I appreciate your sentiment but implying that anybody who eats horse meat (as I have) approves of inhumane treatment is stretching it too far.

  • On behalf of the North American continent, you are welcome. ha! Looks great! You nailed it! I love the photo trick using the old cup of coffee. I shot cold meatballs once when I needed a picture for a recipe. By the way… what is Orchard Syrup?

    • The Orchard Syrup is intensely concentrated apple juice. It is devine and, as far as I know, only produced by one small producer here in Ireland. I will have to make some more pancakes now to enjoy it.

  • Beautifully fluffy pancakes with blueberries and maple syrup. You cannot go wrong with this. Looks delicious as I’m sure it was. Also, noticed the hen was looking a little forlorn and lonely but apparently productive. 😉

    • Stay away from my hen McGary! She has plans for a staring role over here for a while yet.

  • Your pancakes look perfect, Conor. It’s the blueberries. I know that you could have used just about any fruit or berry either in or atop your pancakes but blueberries work best for me. And I am so addicted to maple syrup that I’ve never tried anything else. What i don’t know what hurt me. 🙂

    • Thanks John, a true compliment coming from that side of the pond. The blueberry syrup on the plain pancakes was excellent too. Sadly, the maple syrup we get here is the stuff that would not sell there. So I was depending on youngest for the supply. It was a pleasure enhanced by scarcity. There is a life lesson in that.

  • The pancakes look great! Very nice and fluffy, which is not surprising with self-raising flour plus additional baking powder. Also love the bottle of the maple syrup and all those pouring shots 🙂

    • Thanks Stefan. It was Richard McGary’s Baby Lasy who started the pouring shot thing.

  • Such appetizing photos: blueberries would make them healthy too, wouldn’t they 😉 ? And will reread the post for the priceless comment about the eggs . . . shall try and catch some unawares with that one!!

    • Thanks Eha, just trying to keep it understandable.

  • Hope your daughter is enjoying ‘Newfie John’ … when I was in the Navy it was always called the best foreign port in Canada 🙂

  • I’ll be giving that a go here in Perth Saturday morning, little Jazzy loves the Canadian stuff…

    • She is a great girl. Make them nice for her.

  • Well done! I’ve never heard of Orchard syrup before, sounds interesting. But it is hard to beat maple syrup. The real stuff, which is what it looks like you had, not Mrs. Buttersworth stuff. When we move back across the pond I’ll have to figure out how to keep up the source.

    • Hard to get over here. It can be outrageously priced and not very good.

  • Every photo is making me drool! (and also mad at myself for not cooking up a batch of fluffy flapjacks this morning!)

    • Thank you Mrs Webb. No rule says you can’t do them on Wednesday.

  • This is just the kind of pancake this American loves most. The lighter and thicker, the better (in my mind). Yours look perfect!

    • Thank you Pumpkin! We liked them here too. In fact they were a lot better than the thin ones I did on Tuesday. I will NOT be posting about them.

  • She is finished here at MUN already! What did she think? Greatest people on earth lives here? She sure picked some of the good stuff to bring home. Any bakeapple syrup?
    Loving those pancakes and your food shots. I love pancakes any time of the day…any way, even without syrup!

    • Her time there went very quickly. She loved it. One high point was throwing teddy bears onto the ice at a Caps game. Of course the best people on the planet are from St. John’s.

  • Dang am I hungry now! Love the blueberry pancakes!

  • Beautifully fluffy. I made crepes for Pancake day because all the UK sites seem to flaunt them!
    If you can’t find buttermilk – just squeeze some lemon juice and it will curdle nicely in 5-10min. You probably know that trick.
    cheers… wendy

    • I do now Wendy! Thanks. I have just done a crepe suzette recipe and will post it over the next couple of weeks.

  • I love fluffy pancakes!!! Sadly I haven’t been able to find a way to make them fluffy and gluten free. But I will eventually!
    In Sweden we don’t have pancake Tuesday but instead Fat Tuesday, it’s the day when you should eat semlor (google it and look at images). Not bad either!

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