Going underground – Car park poached egg salad.

The Wicklow Hunter has nearly forgiven me for my previous transgressions. You remember, the Don Draper conundrum. The only thing is, since my faux pas, he refuses to come into the office and insists on leaving free range egg gifts behind my car in our underground car park. This was different. The Hunter rang me and suggested a clandestine meeting beside the car.Free range eggs and salad The secret meeting was to give me a range (free range that is) of eggs, rocket, lettuce, spring onions, tomatoes, brocoli and a fresh ‘Herb de Provence’ mixture. He had grown all the vegetables in his garden in the ‘Garden of Ireland’, County Wicklow.

I was a bit stunned with his generosity and wanted to do justice to the wonderful fresh home-grown, organic, free range Wicklow produce. The best thing I could do with most of it was to come up with a completely over descriptive name and prepare Poached Organic Free Range Eggs Served Over Organic Wicklow Garden Grown Salad. l have shown you how to do perfect poached eggs before in this post. So I won’t bore you with the details again. Here’s a few pictures to enthuse you for what I did this time:

Poached egg salad

There is an intensity of flavour in home-grown vegetables that you can’t get any other way.

Poached egg salad

Gratuitous egg and salad shot. There is no reason for it except that I liked it.

Poached egg salad

The proof of the Poached Organic Free Range Eggs Served Over Organic Wicklow Garden Grown Salad is in the eating.

The Wicklow Hunter has done a lot to keep this blog fresh and tasty with his gifts. For now, I’ll just enjoy the rest of the eggs and look forward to the next clandestine car park meeting.

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  • Love it, cracking me up laughing. I’m struggling to come up with new and different gifts.

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  • Clandestine underground food parcels and real eggs? Yes please!!!

  • I hope you take a gun to those kind of rendezvous – I know Harry Palmer would 😉

    • It’s a bit more Deep Throat and Watergate than that. Though if I didn’t know him well, he could keep the stuff.

  • Eggs turn me on and the last photograph belongs in the realms of food porn. So seductive! 🙂

    • Thanks Sanjiv. Sadly, last salad post of summer.

  • you’re a natural born blogger, Conor. You’re mixing it up very nicely.

    • Thanks Pierre. It comes from struggling for something to say…

  • This is a wonderful story and a wonderful recipe…you have quickly become a go-to read for me!

    • Thank you Natalia, you are very kind. It’s a bit of fun to do.

  • Ooh look at the colour of those eggs! This salad looks yummy.

    • The Hunter is good to me. The eggs are fantastic. I did photo his hens and they occasionally appear in the header on the blog.

      • It’s good to have a local source for eggs. We have friends as well that have chickens and ducks. Every once in awhile we are lucky to have fresh eggs.

  • Yes the color of those eggs is fantastic! You won’t get any eggs like that at the regular grocery store!!! Beautiful post.

    • Thanks Trish. I don’t think I have eaten better.

  • The most amazing eggs! With the chilli flakes and everything. Those yolks look so….orange. I’m going to post soon about a brand of eggs called ‘Happy Eggs’ my wife works with a chap whose family owns an egg company called Happy Eggs. I just wonder whether the hens are as happy as the eggs

    • I suspect the hens may be on the happier end of it. The eggs not so, given their brief history. Those eggs are an incredible colour and the taste brought back childhood memory of what eggs used to taste like.

  • I can taste that rocket, all peppery, adding an additional tang to the eggs which look very haute couture, like a model poised on a catwalk!

    • Too descriptive for me. You will note that this time I photographed as I ate…

  • Looks lovely Conor! Wish I could get rocket here as I love it so much, but it is not available in my corner of the world. The high temperatures here prevent me from growing this too! My best to you – B

  • I have got to try the runny eggs…never been able to stomach them 🙂

    • Hey Derrill, you will have to ret used to them. So tasty!

  • How many times can you say “Poached Organic Free Range Eggs Served Over Organic Wicklow Garden Grown Salad” in succession without faltering? 😉

    • It is a bit like something one may have been told to write out 200 times in school….

  • Poached eggs are my favorite eggs and against many opinions easy to prepare. I love the idea of this salad, simple, but delicious.

    • Thanks OCG. Thanks too for visiting the blog.
      Good to see you here.

      • You are welcome. I am very impressed with your blog/ recipes. Honestly, great work, I am going to visit your blog a lot! I am just a newcomer in food blogging, but if you like, check it out: oldcountrygirl. Thanks, Claudia

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