Master in my own kitchen? – It’s risotto again.

The worst thing the unfortunate food blogger (UFB) can hear is “Cook it again.” If the UFB spends time repeating stuff, they, like a baguette left out in the sun, will go stale. So, when my eldest daughter (ED), herself a blogger, began to put me under pressure, I had to do my best to resist.

ED: “Hey Dad. What ya cooking for family dinner?”

UFB: “Haven’t decided yet. Something with chicken, perhaps.”

ED: “Oh, oh, do chicken in parma ham and risotto.”

UFB: “Nah, blogged it before. Can’t repeat it. I have to blog”

ED: “Come on Dad, do risotto. 

At this stage, youngest daughter (YD) was wheeled into the conversation (on EDs side, of course).

YD: “Yeah Dad, cook the chicken in parma ham and do the risotto. We love the risotto. Come on Dad. Come on Daaaaaadddddd.”

ED & YD (Chanting): “Chicken. Chicken. Chicken. Risotto. Risotto. Risotto. Chicken. Chicken. Chicken.You get the picture.

Despite my UFB status, I do hold sway in my kitchen. However, experience tells me that I am better off occasionally bowing to this sort of domestic pressure. To prove that I am the master, I put my foot down and insisted that I cook Three Mushroom Risotto (along with the chicken in parma ham). You can read about the chicken and parma stuff and how to do a decent risotto in my Ten Month Risotto Rice Trial done a few months ago.

Most of the required ingredients. Always use a decent wine in cooking. Ideally the same wine you will be swilling with the food.

I forgot the parmesan cheese for the photo. The stock was not completed either at picture time. For the three mushroom risotto, I used Shitaké, Closed Cap and reconstituted Porcini.  The big trick with this dish is saving the water from the porcini and adding it to the stock.

The porcini reconstituting in warm water. I can’t overemphasise the need to save the water.

It really intensifies the mushroom flavour and adds a lovely deep mushroom flavour to the dish. Frying the fresh mushrooms intensifies their flavour too.

I stamped my authority by leaving the parma ham and chicken out of focus. You have to love the colour of the risotto.

I was very happy with this risotto. I was pretty happy with the photos. Not so happy  being browbeaten in my own kitchen. This UFB will be stronger in future, I promise.

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  • I understand and sympathize with your feelings. But one day – your kids will start cooking for you.
    Three of my four do exactly that and because they are so good at it – we just let them…and they clean up after. Bonus.

  • Witty post as usual! You’re absolutely right about using the porcini soaking water. As well as about using proper wine for cooking. I also understand the need to keep cooking new stuff to blog about.

    • Too true. They like what they like. I have to keep pushing them along.

  • I made the comment about the wine in the last post I note. However I didn’t mention the fact that you need two bottles – one for drinking and one for cooking – I mean it takes 50 mins – what else are you supposed to do? Re dried mushrooms – how do you get rid of all the grit? I have used dried porcini twice recently and no matter what i do to them I end up with food that tastes like I made it in a sand pit!?

    • I let it sink to the bottom of the bowl and was a bit careful in pouring. You could strain it through muslin (if you have any) or through a pair of tights (if the wife is not wearing them) or through a stocking (if the bank job is not on that evening). I have made the mistake of just tipping it all in and it’s a bit like eating risotto on the beach in a gale.

      • I’ll ask the wife and let you know how it went

  • This sounds wonderful… I only have OD – one daughter but she is chicken, chicken, chicken… meanwhile OS, one son, is just food, food, food!

  • ” I HAVE to blog!” Hahaha! Where have I heard that before?
    Who says you can’t blog same food…the stories always change, the pictures do and they never taste the same…sometimes they get even better.
    You may have just inspired me to blog about risotto!

  • Lovely recipe! Like the combo of mushrooms!

  • I’d definitely want to eat it again 😉

  • There is nothing badf you can say about risotto! And it is against the laws of nature to ever get tired of it.

  • Porcini really are the king of mushrooms! Have you tried to do a porcini carpaccio.. absolutely awsome! (put them in a mix of sugar, salt, vinegar etc.). really kickass side to both game meat and fish dishes.

  • I might add, of the mushrooms you dont have to take a bank loan to buy 😉

    • That sounds very interesting indeed Mats. I could imagine it as very tasty with barbecued meat.

  • I am pinning this one to revisit once the fresh mushrooms are gone. Thanks again for the suggestion!

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