French trip, la deuxième partie. The trek to Lautrec.

I love it when family and friends are pleased for me. Like when I announced we were off to the south of France for holidays. There was general approval from most people in my life. Then the trouble started. It began as a simple request from Matt, a colleague in work “Are you going near that place where you ge the garlic?” Like the gullible enthusiast that I am, I replied “Yes, I think we will head over to Lautrec one of the days.”

Lautrec market square

The village is listed as one of the prettiest in France. The market square dates back to the 14th century.

We were staying on the south-east coast, near Narbonne. What was I thinking? Lautrec, the undeniable world capital of pink garlic, is a 300k round trip away. Still, a promise is a promise and the Wife and I decided to make a day of it. I had only one dark secret hidden from the Wife. Matt was not the only person with an interest in this trip.

Two kilos. That should be enough for the Wife and myself.

Then there was Liam, Steve and Anne.

I know dear, but I promised….

Jer, Jamie, Gavin and Stephen.

Just a few more…

Not to forget Robin, Niel, Bamboo and the Wicklow Hunter.

There are a few more I need to cater for…

Carol, Tom, Brian and Matt. Don’t forget Matt, he started this!

That should do it.

Now, Lautrec may be the pink garlic capital of the known world but there is not a lot else goes on there. We had got up early and I used the drive through the spectacular Black Mountains to break this news to the Wife about where we, and most of our holiday funds, were going. The scenery on the trip saved me to some degree. As did a lovely lunch in a small mountain town on the return leg.

Lautrec garlic

Tying the tresses of garlic is a skill passed down through generations.

The total haul, including some loose bulbs thrown in for good measure, weighed in at 18 kilos. I carried that in the car for the 1,200 km return to home in Ireland. On the trip, I had time to think and I did some mental calculations. That extra weight used the same energy as carrying 1.8 tons of garlic for 12 kilometers. I decided to not think much more about it. Next year, I’ll keep my mouth shut or holiday at home.

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  • Love the pictures of the multiplying garlic 🙂

    • You would not love it so much if you had to carry it all around Lautrec!

  • … you forgot me… I love pink garlic… and now I want some.. :):):)
    Thank you for your post. Giangi

    • Hi Giangi, I have yours here. Call in any time…

  • I’d definitely go there just for garlic 😉

    • It really is the best you can get. I love it.

      • I think you’d get a good healthy debate on that from Las Pedroñeras in Spain, but I appreciate all good garlic 😉

        • Perhaps “the best I have got to date” would prevent an international incident?

        • I’m sure they are all good, perhaps with subtle unique differences 😉

          • I hope so. I have an open mind on these things. It’s just my enthusiasm getting the better of me…

  • Hilarious, I chuckled a bit when you kept going with the garlic and more garlic and then some…

  • Thanks for my first good laugh of the day! Love the multiplying garlic. Reminds me of the time my grandfather gave me a couple of good bunches of homegrown garlic to take back home – a five-hour drive. My car was a hatchback so there was no proper boot to pack it in. I love garlic but the smell was overwhelming and we could hardly breath. Broke my heart, but I stopped and gave it away. I am still sad about that.

    • A true crime but I understand. I once brought a tresse of smoked garlic back from France in the boot. A couple of years later, when cleaning the car out in pre-sale mode, I could still smell it. I love that garlic and smoke smell. I hope the new owner does too.

  • Your multiplying garlic is too funny. I’m trying to imagine what your car smelled like by the time you passed out all the garlic to your appreciative friends.

  • That garlic looks amazing! Like your haul – with the good intentions!

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