I need some summer. I need it NOW! – Swordfish Steaks in Tamarind and Lime Marinade

OK, that’s IT. I’ve had all I am going to take. A few days ago, we got back from holidays, to be greeted by grey skies and rain. The same grey skies and rain we had left behind a couple of weeks earlier. Things didn’t improve either. As I type, it is bucketing down outside. I now suspect that the sun only comes out in the middle of the night. So, as the powers that be refuse to give us any summer, I’m going to make a bit of my own.

To bring on a summer feeling, I am doing Swordfish Steaks in Tamarind and Lime Marinade with Three Peppers and Mango and Lime Salsa. The colours and tastes are all from the sun. Just to remind myself that it is cold and wet, I am also serving boiled potatoes.This is easy to do. Most of what you will need is in the photo except for the honey and potatoes. The potatoes became necessary as the temperature dropped and the heavens opened for the umpteenth time that day. My anger at the weather made me forget the honey.

The tamarind concentrate is a great product. All the flavour of tamarind without the mess and reconstituting.

First thing to do is prepare the mangos. You know how to do this. Cut down on both sides of the big seed to get two big ovals of mango. Cut through the flesh but not the skin to create cubes of sorts. Look at the picture if I am not making it simple enough for you. (Sorry, the dire weather is really making me short of temper.) Pop the skin into a mango hedgehog.

The mango hedgehog. Fun to do and makes for a great photo.

Chop up the hedgehog leaving the skin intact. Cut what flesh you can from the bits around the big seed. Put it all in a bowl and squeeze the juice of a lime over it. That is a simple salsa. It will look like this wonderful bowl of sunshine. Sunshine that we are being denied here in Ireland just now!

Hold your face close to the bowl. The glow is like sunshine. Just without the heat.

Put the potatoes on to boil. Work the timing out for yourself. (Sorry, temper again.) Chop up the peppers and cook them on the griddle pan. I would have done them on the barbecue but it was raining so hard it had floated away.

The three colours are so summery. If you are listening up there, take the hint.

Mix some tamarind with the juice of a lime, some honey and black pepper. You need to judge this for yourself. Tamarind is a very distinctive taste. I won’t be prescriptive. Add the swordfish steaks and let them take on some of the flavour. They don’t want to be there too long. The lime juice will start to cook them.

I left them in for as long as it was not raining. 5 minutes!

Fry them on the griddle pan. Barbecue would have been preferable but… Then serve them. Eat with your eyes closed. You could just about fool yourself into believing that it is summer and the sun is shining.

A little bit of summer on a plate. To achieve this shot I used an 800 watt studio light, the kitchen lights and the flash on the camera. All during summer daylight hours.

To add to the summery feeling, I served it with a sweet Muscat from the south of France. It went remarkably well with the sweet and dry flavours of the dish. It also added to the deluded summer atmosphere. As is my habit of late, the wine shot is a big one.

Big shot. Big flavour from the wine. Sweet and summery. Unlike my mood.

For a few minutes in August I believed it was a nice sunny summer. It wasn’t. It isn’t. But it was a worthy effort. It improved the mood for a while and was a wonderful ‘taste of summer’. Now, if you are listening up there….

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  • Conor, Perfect summer dish. Hope you see some sun soon. We have been a bit chilly over here on my Colorado mountain but we love our rain right now after the huge fires earlier in the summer.

    • Hi Connie, I understand that it is a local problem. The problem is it’s my local. Enjoy the rain. I’ll pray for sun.

      • Yes. We could use more and if I could send you the sun I would.

  • Rain is pouring down here as well while I’m reading your post. Very humurous as usual. Love the 800 watts description! Great choice of wine. Don’t know if I’ve ever had tamarind, sure haven’t cooked with it. Something to try perhaps. Hope you’ll have better weather soon!

    • We got the dog walked this morning and only got caught in one shower. Yesterday, I went for a cycle in the Dublin mountains. Two showers. We live in hope…

  • Maybe you can send some of that rain over here, we need it quite desperately! Nice bright and colourful dish you have here. The fish steaks must have tasted wonderful with the tamarind tang. Is the mango an ‘alphonso’?

  • Looks really good! We would be more than happy to send the 90+ temperatures your way if you would swap and send us the rain!

    On a different note: How do you pick a good mango?

    • By squeezing them. If there is a little give, there is a chance that they are near ripe.If they squash under pressure, they are too far gone. They do ripen in the fruit bowl too. However, that is no use if you need to do a dish now. In truth, we get pretty poor mangos here in Ireland. My brother in Tanzania is spoiled with them.

  • So, Colin, how’s the weather? Wish we could catch a bit of rain here; we’re headed into a heat wave instead. The grass is always greener, but in this case yours truly is. Love the summer on a plate. It looks delicious!

    • Thanks Flori, yes, the grass is very green here now. I got home from holidays to a garden that needs to have the hedges cut, the grass trimmed and the weeds controlled. Too wet to to do any of it.

  • This looks wonderful!

    • Thanks Anna. Desperate situation needed desperate measures.

  • Very refreshing. Im enjoying the sudden flash floods over here – it adds a certain unpredictability to things that makes Summer so much fun. As for the mango – I tried doing that once and it turned into a kind of squashed mush. Your’s does indeed look professional

  • I dont have good hair for our wet damp weather and Im getting tired of answering ‘Yes it really does get quite curly (aka frizzy) in the damp’! … apparently Tomorrow to Friday are due to be nice and then it’s clouds all the way so no hope for any improvement in the hair style stakes. Your recipe conjures up the sun though, nice….

    • That ceased to be a problem for me a few years ago. I now favour the ‘streamlined’ look. Nothing worse than a frizzy comb-over!

  • I need that plate right now! I need it 🙂

    • It was pretty tasty. Though mango choice over here is very hit and miss.

  • What a lovely dinner to have on a dismal evening. I like the way the tamarind is packaged…I haven’t seen it here in the states.

    • Thanks Karen, It makes things very easy indeed. The dinner was great, if I say so myself.

  • Having a sense of humor is one of the greatest assets a person can have:) !
    Great blog!
    Cheers from Italy, Luana

    • Thanks Luana. And thanks for visiting the blog.

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