Shish Kebabs for the dedicated follower of fashion

Got Ya! My fashion headline did the trick and has roped you into the first paragraph. We had family over recently and I decided to barbecue. The forecast was for rain. This meant that it probably wouldn’t. In Ireland, the weather likes to do its own thing. Like the weather, I like to do my own thing too. Back in the day when I was a youth and interested in my appearance, I did some pretty funky fashion stuff, believing myself to be the coolest thing on the catwalk.

On one of my earliest solo runs into Dublin city to buy my own clothes, a mother’s trust betrayed, I returned home with a pair of purple and yellow platform shoes. I loved them. And I wore them with a green bomber jacket that was festooned in yellow and red badges. I was put in mind of this ensemble while preparing the highly unfashionable Lamb, Mint and Cumin Shish Kebabs. They are simple to do and even though they are about as fashionable as a pair of 6 button, high-waisted v-knees, they are delicious.

You will need

  • Red, yellow and green peppers
  • Red onions
  • Lean lamb chunks
  • Fresh mint
  • Cumin powder
  • Some olive oil

Here’s what to do
Trim the lamb chunks of any unwanted fat, grizzle and sinew, if there is any. (A little boost here for John Sheridan in John’s Meat Co. who trimmed the lamb and cut it into nice chunks for me.)

Lamb and mint go together like Dolce and Gabbana, perhaps without the bling.

Divide it in two and mix half with the freshly chopped mint leaves and a small amount of olive oil. Mix the other half with the cumin powder and a small bit of olive oil.

Rub the lamb with the cumin. Another very tasty combination.

Leave them to marinade for a couple of hours. Chop the peppers and onions into suitable sized pieces. (If you can’t work out what size to do, stop reading now and go out for a take-away.) Skewer the ingredients.

Shish is the Turkish for Skewer. Skewer Kebab is not so exotic, is it?

Barbecue the skewers. Put them on a big plate and serve them.

Proof positive that I don’t care for fashion as much as I do for taste.

They may not be the haute couture of the culinary world but, they were appreciated by more people than ever liked my purple and yellow platform shoes.

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  • Those colors and kebabs are beautiful!

    • Not on those shoes they weren’t. The kebabs are a different thing.

  • Stylin’, my friend… How festive!!

    • I am a style king in my own head. My dark blue suits and conservative ties really rock.

      • Now I can’t but envision you weaving culinary magic in navy and pinstripes.

        • That is one thing yet undone by TV chefs. A gap in the market perhaps? Though, perhaps no market in the gap…

          • In this day and age, I fear there is ALWAYS a market for any gap

  • Those are great looking! Probably nearly as great as your shoes were!! Man those must have been something! HAHAHAHA i’m laughing just thinking about them.

    • They were pretty funky. My mum still ribs me about them.

  • Maybe you’re on to something Conor, Food+Fashion. Now if you’d worn the shoes while BBQ’ing you’d probably have gone viral 🙂

    • Despite my being a small chap, I don’t think that 4″ heels are my thing any more. Cuban heels perhaps. But I am not going to admit to it.

  • I’ve been craving lamb lately, and your kabobs are a visual feast!

  • Hallo Conor,
    You sound like one of the characters from A Clockwork Orange – colourful in your day! Anyway, Shish Kebabs are one of my favourites since my first visit in 2005 to India, although there I only tatsed the chicken ones and made these only, will try with lamb soon.

    On the weather note, it’s not just over there that the weather like to to its own thing, over here it is same story! We’re suppose to be in the middle of winter, but I am sitting with shorts and t-shirt and the weather service foretold a cold front!



  • I can’t believe you didn’t include an old photo of you in that stunning ensemble! I scrolled down quickly, sure it would be there. Such a disappointment because I need a laugh today. On the other hand, I am cheered by the festive shish kebabs. Thanks for sharing.

  • Looks great Conor!

  • Bright and colorful just like your shoes! Actually … they look really, really good and another good reason to use some of my garden mint.

  • My first foray into fashion would have been about 1982. At the age of 11 or 12 I got some burgundy drain pipe jeans and a grey waffle tanktop with a Y for Yale logo on it and a white t shirt. Grey leather shoes and white (or maybe lime green) socks completed the ensemble. WIth my NHS specs I looked the bees knees. No really. I also remember wanting a Ziggy Stardust haircut but my mother (thank God) intervened.

    • I was pre drainpipes, thanks be to goodness. However, I was around for the budgie jacket, v knees, elephant flares and high waisted baggies. I blush as I type….

  • They can not go wrong! TOO WONDERFUl!! By the way, I’m thinking about your clothes now…the purple pair, yellow shoes, greeny jacket and shiny badges. I bet you looked great! Thank you for sharing!

    • We both know how I really looked. However, in my head I looked great!

  • This is a beautiful rainbow of a dish! As always, you make me hungry 🙂

    • Thank you, the colours worked very well. They tasted as well as they looked.

  • Glamorous shish kebabs really 😀
    spicing and seasoning of meat before roasting is also very good idea, sometimes I do the same 🙂

  • Beautiful and nice technique.

  • You must have looked as splendid as a peacock in your trendy outfits. I think each and every blogger has an outfit that they might not have bought if they really gave it some thought. Your shish kebabs look great. I have lamb cut for kebabs in my freezer. They are perfect for a lovely summer evening.

    • Lets bring back Sish kebabs. We can hold on the purple and yellow shoes.

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