Win an award? You have two chances…

Don’t get me wrong. I really, really, really appreciate the various awards I have received from fellow bloggers. I am even grateful for the couple that my blogging daughter has bestowed upon my blog. Though, I do  have a problem. The Versatile Blogger Award asks that each recipient passes it on to 15 others. Let me explain first with a bit of maths:

  • 1 x 15 = 15  =  Wow! Exclusive!
  • 15 x 15 = 225  =  Still pretty hot stuff.
  • 15 x 225 = 3,375  =  Near the top of the tree, for sure.
  • 15 x 3,375 = 50,625  =  “Yeah, me and 50,000 others.”
  • 15 x 50,625 = 759,375  =  Award, what award?
  • 15 x 759,375 = 11,390,625  =  You don’t have one? Now that’s exclusive.

If this has happened just 6 times, there are over 11 million versatile bloggers out there. I appreciate the award but the maths is a bit depressing. It gets a bit better with the Leibster Award as it only gets passed on to 5 lucky recipients. The maths work as follows:

  • 5 x 1 = 5
  • 5 x 5 = 25
  • 5 x 25 = 125
  • 5 x 125 = 625
  • 5 x 625 = 3,125
  • 5 x 3,125 = 15,625
  • 5 x 15,625 = 78,625

6 passing of the award and we are approaching the 100k mark. I think you get my point. So, in a genuine effort to restore some exclusivity to the obviously tarnished world of blog awards, I am creating the most exclusive award in the blogosphere

The Two Chances Award.

The rules are simple. A fellow blogger does great stuff and receives the award. You do great stuff, they recognise it for what it is. You have two chances of their awarding it to you. That’s it.

The two who are first welcomed into this exclusive club are the great Justice Stewart at Gourmet Deconstructed and, in recognition of his posting a food blog while without a kitchen for some months, Happiness Stan Lives Here. Also, because I am the maker of the rules, I am giving two bonus awards to celebrate the launch of this piece of exclusivity. I am bringing Stefan’s Gourmet Blog within the circumference of my benevolence for his great work particularly in the Sous Vide area. And She Who Must Be Obeyed over at the White Trash Gourmet is also deserving of honour (or honor as she might spell it).

Now, the rest of you have two chances….

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  • Love it!

  • …and I thought you liked me. Are you sure there should not be 3 recipients? 😉

    • It’s a difficult position – Popularity V Exclusivity

  • Dammit, Conor, there goes my only 4 chances to ever get any blog award! 🙂 I am so glad there are people like you are a so good with maths, mine sucks!



    • Willie, I would pass on the Kereativ Blogger to you (for you deserve it) but for the raft of others I would have to do with it. The maths is amazing. The calculator could not handle the 7th round of 15. Somewhere in the 160million give or take.

      • Thanks Conor, you are a real gentleman! Imagine, the calculator couldn’t handle the maths! Now I feel much better. 🙂

  • I was trying to work out a way of expressing my lack of interest in these award things without sounding ungrateful – and here it is! Quite brilliant maths!

  • Love this idea! Congrats to the winners!

  • I like the sheep.

    • Shot them in France at a big market near Poitiers. I suspect they were on the way to becoming chops.

  • LOL – I once got a Versatile blogger award on Another Boomer Blog and wrote back (privately) my thanks but as I’d only been on something like a week it didn’t mean much and I never posted it 🙂 I like yours better.

    • You will see by my ‘Meat Medals’ section that I will shamelessly take any possible awards from anywhere and crow about them.

      • I am not even sure I saved mine. Never got one again, so it must have been an act of desperation to get rid of #15. LOLOLO

  • Thanks Conor, coming from you this is an honor! (Have to use American spelling here to make it work, you’re not Conour anyway 😉 )
    By the way, out of the 5 Liebster nominations I awarded, only 1 did actually nominate 5 more (so far, anyway). So the math doesn’t go as fast as you may think. Even with the 2 chances, after less than 30 rounds or so all WordPress blogs should theoretically have one.

    Now I have some hard thinking to do to decide to which 2 I will pass on the Two Chances Award!

  • Quite happy to pass on the blazé awards to me but when it comes to gaining your actual approval I see I’ve fallen short of the mark. This has been noted.

  • very witty!

  • Haha! I love it Conor! Thank you so much!

  • Much much better!

  • Love this post. Sits perfectly with my brain.

  • The math occurred to me after I was nominated for a second award. I have just received two further nominations but I am not sure how to announce I don’t really want to participate without seeming a bit churlish 🙁

  • good point with the Math…
    and congratulations on the awards…!!
    they were well deserved

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