Not my most inspired post. I really have very little to say…

I usually start my posts with a little story. I do this to set the scene and to try to make my recipe posting stand out just a little from the hundreds of thousands of other recipe posts that are published every week on the Interweb. I have enjoyed modest (very modest) success with this approach. This is despite my ignoring best SEO practice and not including the subject in the headline and often drawing on the most tenuous links between subject and object.

This week, for I like to post weekly, if not weakly, I have the recipe planned, cooked and enjoyed by the research group (long-suffering family). I have the photography done, the lights put away and my learner efforts in Adobe Lightroom completed. I just can’t find anything pithy or witty or interesting or relevant to say. I sit here on the couch, laptop open in front of me and I have not a notion of how to tie my culinary efforts together with words of wit or wisdom. So, I am not going to say anything that binds it all together. I am going to let this one hang.

I have nothing to say about my Baked Sea Bass, Asparagus and Herbed Baby Potatoes. Not that it doesn’t merit a pithy story, I just can’t think of anything.

Here are the ingredients.

You will also need olive oil, salt and pepper. It’s a short list, perhaps I could write something based on that? Hmmm… Perhaps not.

Here’s what to do.

Turn the oven on to 200 degrees Celsius. Wash and chop the potatoes, like in the photograph.

Potatoes, sliced in a bowl. Perhaps the subject matter is the cause of my torpor?

Add the herbs and drizzle in enough olive oil to make them stick to the potatoes.  Season them. Put them in a roasting tray and pop ’em in the oven for 35 minutes.

The potatoes with Herb de Provence, oil, salt and pepper. They do look very good.

As a small aside, while these were cooking, I decided to open a bottle of wine to help with the inspiration. The Bethany Chardonnay was excellent. I enjoyed a glass while everything was cooking. But, while the wine flowed, the inspiration didn’t. Still nothing to say….

All the better for having bought it during a half price sale. Still, it provided no inspiration.

Oil and season the Asparagus and arrange on a baking tray.

Clean and trim the fish fillets and arrange them on another baking tray. With ten minutes to go on the potato cooking, put both trays in the oven too.  When the potatoes are cooked, so are the fish and the asparagus.

Lovely sea bass fillets waiting to go into the oven. Lovely, but lacking in any inspirational quality.

The meal was excellent. The wine was pretty enjoyable too. I just can’t think of any way to tie the whole thing together with some wit or wisdom. Perhaps I am at the end of the literary / culinary road?

This is possibly my best plated food photo to date. The piece of parsley and slice of lemon helped. But, it inspired me not.

This may be the end of my blogging. If I can’t think of anything to say, there really is not much point saying it. Is there?

Until next time, or maybe not…..

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  • With pictures like that, you don’t have to say anything!

    • Agreed!Though, I think you managed pretty well even with a blogger block!

  • Phenomenal as always, inspired or not. You are, indeed, a culinary rock star

    • Thanks SB, ageing rock star perhaps. Though there is nothing sadder than an old fecker in jeans, t-shirt and beads, trying to be something he once might have been. I’m glad I have such a youthful outlook…

      • Haha true class never dies and quality is always in vogue. If Keith Richards is still socially relevant then why not the Great Bofin too?

        • I hope to be still cooking when he has hung up his headband.

          • You and me both, brother

  • You’re funny. I am exactly the same way. Have to have some sort of story to tell. Friends are teasing me now, saying “just get to the recipe!” I feel you when you get the uninspired thing. I have to try harder, though, as my photos are not nearly as ‘wow’ as yours. Keep it up — looking forward to exploring your past posts now!

    • Thanks Julia. I went for a walk at lunchtime yesterday with a good friend G (who will appear in a later post). I brought up the subject of two other meals I have cooked and photographed but are causing me mental distress for want of a story idea. I think we have an angle now. It’s good to talk!

  • Well Conor, I read and enjoyed every word of nothingness you wrote 🙂 Recipe with so few ingredients is a joy to the weary-worn, but what ingredients! These really did deserve a lucscious accompaniment and perhaps it’s the time of the evening but that wine glass is talking to me. U were inspired, words were not necessary on this occasion as both food and wine said it all. Sheila.

    • Thanks Sheila, I have to admit, I enjoyed the wine. It spoke to me in a loud voice the next morning…

  • Conor, I am really enjoying your blog and it is giving me (and my mother) much inspiration. When you cook regularly for your family there are always times when you scratch your head in the local fish shop and look through the cookbooks. My culinary range has certainly improved from your inspiration so I would expect many complaints, not only from myself should you stop blogging. The recipes and beautiful pictures speak for themselves. Ever thought of publishing a hard back coffee table style cookery book of your efforts? I seriously think you should consider it. Ill be waiting for the next post. Sarah

    • Thanks Sarah, Kind words indeed. That would be two copies guaranteed. Yours and mine.

  • Excellent photography as usual. You manage to say nothing really quite eloquently 😉

  • I was going to say what Sens said but she got there first. And you think you’re lacking inspiration – I currently do not have an oven. I am currently trying to cook frozen vegetarian sausages in a microwave that reckons its a convection oven too. Only it isn’t. It really isn’t…

    • My heart weeps for you. Three words that bring a chill to my spine. Frozen, Vegetarian, Microwave. Get a grip man!

  • Don’t quit now – that’s too easy. My theory is to relax and something will come to you. I’ll let you know how that goes…

  • Why don’t you get inspiration by theming it? The great Summer Salad. The great Summer outdoor lunch. The great Summer family lunch. The great Summer Barbie. The great Summer candlelit night in. The great seasonal May feast. C’mon Conor. What’s great about May? Sea Bass. The Sea. You live beside it. Shoot the lobster boats coming in. Get back to the source. Smell the sea and you’ll get the Sea Bass. You do it for a living!

  • You can post all text and I’d be fine. You can post a beautifully edited photo from Lightroom and I’d be good as well. We know you’re just good — either way 🙂

  • I enjoyed every bit of your nothing to say…it was well done. And you can’t stop posting, you would have too many disappointed readers. Love the photo of the wine, just great.

    • Thanks Karen, And it tasted better than it looked. I suspect I will be back next week…

      • Good to hear. You have a very enjoyable blog.

  • Hi Conor,
    Seems like s serious bout of foodie writer’s block! 🙁 On the other hand the food speaks volumes, it looks delectable!

  • Looks absolutely lovely Conor! I will have to try this one as it seems quite simple but loaded with flavor!

  • Mmmm, looks scrummy! How do you stop your asparagus from being dry? When I’ve tried it in the oven its been a hopeless failure!

    • Less time. 8 minutes tops otherwise it looks like (and tastes like) green cheese strings. This despite my 10 minute recommendation. It was big asparagus.

      • Thanks Conor – I adore asparagus and it’s just coming into season so time to try again with it in the oven!

  • Thanks for letting me camp out in your blog for a little while. I had a great time and tried to leave my campsite as clean as when I arrived. I’ll be back!

    • Thanks for stopping by Russel. And thanks for the kind comments.

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